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Grímstunga I

In Grimstunga we have 4 houses. Three of them are with rooms, that share bathrooms, and some have hand basins. Rooms for two, three or four people. Cooking facilities. Sitting rooms with TVs. Free Wi-Fi. The fourth house is in Hólssel, 6 km (3.7 mi) from Grímstunga, by the route Dettifossvegur (route no. 864).There are rooms with En-suite/private bathroom. Reception is at Grímstunga, but breakfast for those staying at Hólssel is served on site. Hólssel is 20 km (12.5 mi) from waterfall Dettifoss.

Grímstunga I


GPS Points N65° 38' 29.836" W16° 7' 14.200"
Opening period All year
Service Smoking not allowed Place of interest Home catering Sleeping bag acc. Hotel / guesthouse Camping ground Cooking facilities Handy craft for sale Credit cards accepted

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