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Askja - Mývatn Tours

We are a day tour operation that takes people up to the highlands of Iceland where Askja (caldera) and Víti lies. We will go through the nature reserve area of Herðubreiðarlindir too. This tour provides scenes of unforgettable Icelandic nature and geology.
We offer trips with 4x4 buses because we go through ruff lava field and rivers. In the highlands you will see lunar landscape, glacier rivers, deepest lake in Iceland, sand, lava, mountains, crater and lot more. You will go home with unforgettable memories of landscape.
In Víti you can take a bathe in the nature in middle of Iceland, that is 1100m above sea level.

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Askja - Mývatn Tours


GPS Points N65° 37' 11.618" W16° 55' 17.899"


Opening period All year

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