Hofsós Camping Ground

The camp site is sheltered with trees. There is electricity, toilets, shower and hot and cold running water. The camp site is a short distance from a new swimming pool at Hofsós that has received many awards for a great design. A good day is to have a swim in the swimming pool, get an icecream at Fjóluís in Lónkot, visit the Icelandic Emigration Center and have a dinner at Sólvík. It is also fun to go sailing around the islands or go fishing, see more information on www.hafogland.is. For more information on what to do in Skagafjörður visit www.visitskagafjordur.is

The camp sites in the town Sauðárkrókur, Hofsós, Varmahlíð and at Hólar are operated together. It is possible to stay the first night in one of these camp sites and pay less during the next night in some of the other camp sites. It is necessary to provide a receipt from the first camp site.

Opening time
13. may to the fall, as weather permits.

Hofsós Camping Ground

Við Hofsósbraut, bakvið grunnskólann

GPS Points N65° 53' 53.696" W19° 24' 20.707"


Opening period 13/05 - 12/09
Service Waste tank discharge Dogs allowed Public lavatory Swimming pool Sports field Play ground
Categories Camping , Bird Watching

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Tour Operators
  • Lynghóll
  • 551 Sauðárkrókur
  • 868-7224


The Old Warehouse
  • 565 Hofsós
  • 530-2200, 453-7935


Veitingastofan Sólvík
  • Sólvík
  • 565 Hofsós
  • 861-3463, 453-7930
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