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All sorts of information and services are available for people on the go. The tourist information centers located in all parts of the country provide information on everything having to do with travel inIceland. Travel agents can also provide answers and good advise. 


All sorts of information and services are available for people on the go. The tourist information centers located in all parts of the country provide information on everything having to do with travel in Iceland. Travel agents can also provide answers and good advice. 

Tourist Information Centres

They can be found all over the country. Their staff provide information on the weather forecast, interesting places, help book events and much more. Maps and brochures are also available at these centers.


Everyone should be able to find accommodation and services to suit them in North Iceland. In addition to many hotels of various sizes, a multitude of other guesthouses and holiday accommodation are available, such as boarding schools and farmstead accommodation, either in separate buildings or in rooms at the farmhouse itself. 

Campgrounds are numerous, although the quality varies, as is the case in other parts of Iceland. In some places a great deal of effort has been put into developing fine campgrounds with diverse facilities and services. Excellent campgrounds can be found, not only in every town but also at such places as Bakkaflötur in Skagafjörður, Hrafnagil and Húsabrekka in the vicinity of Akureyri, Vaglaskógur woods, and Jökulsárgljúfur National Park (at Ásbyrgi).


North Iceland offers a multitude of opportunities for those who want adventurous activities in a true natural paradise. There are untold possibilities for outdoor recreation, so that everyone will find something to enjoy. Golf courses are widespread, and there is a great variety of pretty hiking routes, while fishing, horse riding and boating on the sea, rivers or lakes are also popular choices. Organised excursionsand outdoor activity tours will take one between towns, out to islands and into the highlands, allowing the chance to see the magnificent landscape the North has to offer. Nearly every area has an outdoor swimming pool, and facilities for tourists are top-notch.

Adventure awaits you in the North.


The locals of the Arctic North, whose genuine and friendly nature makes visitors feel at home, are proud of their history and eager to introduce visitors to their art of storytelling, poems and sagas stretching back to the Viking Age. The area has numerous sites of historic interest and a number of museums can be visited, each one presenting a specific part of Iceland’s history and culture. Art has a huge presence in the area and you can choose between visits to the artist in his studio or viewing larger art galleries and exhibitions. The culture and way of life of past centuries is commemorated in historical museums showing artefacts of olden days, mostly relating to the traditional occupations of agriculture and fishing. The traditional country architecture of natural stone and turf houses is also well represented. Natural science museums focus on representative samples and noteworthy characteristics of Iceland´s geology, flora and fauna. Be sure to check out the various musical events or theatre productions that are offered throughout the year. 

Seeing is believing. Take a look for yourself and enjoy the best of everything that North Iceland has to offer.

North Iceland

Towns & Villages

Society and the economy have many faces. Whereas agriculture is the mainstay of rural areas, the towns depend upon fishing, industry, trade and a range of services, with each village having its own characteristics though they all prove hospitable hosts. 
The availability of food and accommodation and the possibilities at every location for recreation and entertainment make hopping between the villages informative as well as fun.   
In every case, the residents are lively and ready to celebrate.

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Map Akureyri Hrafnagil Grímsey Raufarhöfn Kópasker Þórshöfn Bakkafjörður Húsavík Mývatn Laugar Svalbarðseyri Grenivík Hjalteyri Hauganes Árskógssandur Dalvík Hrísey Ólafsfjörður Siglufjörður Hofsós Hólar Varmahlíð Sauðárkrókur Skagaströnd Blöndós Hvammstangi Laugarbakki Borðeyri