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Ambassador is a specialist whale watching tour company that offers a range of whale watching and marine wildlife adventures on Eyjafjörður fjord in North Iceland. Our whale watching tours are constructed with passion and led by wildlife experts to deliver the ultimate whale watching experience.

Our primary whale watching vessel is The Ambassador, a German built Police vessel with two full walk around decks and six different viewing platforms perfect for whale watching and adventure tours. Heated inside cabin provides first class comfort ample space and the galley is always stocked with light snacks, sandwiches, beer and soft drinks.

The Ambassador is a fast, stable and safe vessel that meets the most stringent standards for comfort and cleanliness. We are confident that once you set your foot on board you will agree.

Our team of guides consists of carefully selected whale watching and wildlife enthusiasts that love to share their wealth of knowledge and provide you with the most genuine and entertaining whale watching experience.

Check us on Ambassador Whale Watching-Day Tours

Further information+354 462 6800



GPS Points N65° 40' 53.530" W18° 5' 13.258"

+354 462-6800

Opening period 01/05 - 31/10

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Hotel North
  • Leifsstaðir 2
  • 605 Akureyri
  • 8626193
Pearl of the North Apartments
  • Munkaþverárstræti 33
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 865-9429
  • Uppsalir 1
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 894-6076, 777-8201
Akureyri - Þórunnarstræti Camping Ground
  • Hafnarstræti 49
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 462-3379
Aurora Vacation Homes Fagravik
Farm Holidays
  • Hörgársveit
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  • 6900007, 690-0006
Our Guesthouse
  • Hafnarstræti 82
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 780-0500
Pearl of the North Apartments
  • Möðruvallastræti 5
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Guesthouse Akureyri
  • Hafnarstræti 108
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Guesthouse Sólgarðar
  • Brekkugata 6
  • 600 Akureyri
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Ice Apartments
  • Hafnarstræti 106
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 460-7450
B&B Sólheimar 9 /
  • Sólheimar 9, Svalbarðsströnd
  • 606 Akureyri
  • 6623762, 663-2650
Kaupvangsstæti 19 Apartment
  • Kaupvangsstræti 19
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 695-5542
Apt. Hotel Hjalteyri
  • Hjalteyri
  • 604 Akureyri
  • 8977070
Hafnarstræti Hostel
  • Hafnarstræti 99-101
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 5548855
Guesthouse Gula Villan
  • Þingvallastræti 14
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 896-8464
Centrum Guesthouse
  • Hafnarstræti 102
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 773-6600 , 620-9960
Guesthouse Súlur
  • Klettastígur 6
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 863-1400
Cozy Cabins
  • Kotabyggð 14
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 892-3154
Geldingsá, apartment
  • Geldingsá, Svalbarðsströnd
  • 606 Akureyri
  • 860-1207, 663-4646, 663-4647
Lambi - Ferðafél. Akureyrar/ITA
Mountainhuts & Cabins
  • Strandgata 23
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 462-2720
Holiday Apartments Akureyri
  • Hamratún 6 & 4
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 8926515
Sílastaðir Cottages
  • Sílastaðir
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 462-7924
6 Ravens
  • Hrafnagilsstræti 6
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 770-2020
Hafdals Hotel
  • Stekkjarlækur
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 898-8347
Sunnuhlid houses
  • Sunnuhlíð
  • 606 Akureyri
  • 864-6427
Guesthouse Súlur
  • Þórunnarstræti 93
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 863-1400, 4611160
Ráðhústorg 1 Akureyri
  • Ráðhústorg 1
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 895-1116
Guesthouse Pétursborg
  • Akureyri
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 461-1811, 694 4314
Hrímland Apartments
  • Strandgata 29
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 866-2696
gista apartments
  • Gránufélagsgata 43
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 694-4314
Bjarmó Guesthouse
  • Bjarmastígur 2
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 845-5930 & 845-9707, 845-9707
Helgi magri holiday apartment
  • Helgamagrastræti 30
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 821-3278
Guesthouse Gula Villan
  • Brekkugata 8
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 896-8464
Hrímland Cottages
  • Hlíðarfjall
  • 603 Akureyri
  • 866-2696
Amma Guesthouse
  • Skólastígur 5
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 780-0500
Nordic Lodges Hamragil
  • í landi Víðifells, Fnjóskadal
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 897-3015
The Viking Country Club
  • Richardshús
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 777-8300
  • Vökuland III
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 6630498
Vaðlaborgir 17
  • Vaðlaborgir 17
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 869-6190
Viking Cottages & Apartments
  • Kotabyggð 15-16
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 8935050
Strandgata apartment 201
  • Strandgata 9
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 694-1450
Apartment Akureyri top location
  • Kaupvangsstræti 19
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 663-5790
Kjarnalundur - Cottage
  • Kjarnalundur
  • 600 Akureyri
  • 4600060
For the Children
0.89 km
Akureyri Botanical Garden

The Public Park was first opened in 1912 and the botanic section added in 1957. The park has been enlarged three times since 1912 and is now about 3.6 ha and lies at 40-50 m altitude at Eyrarlandsvegur road near midtown.

The aim of the botanical garden is to grow trees, shrubs and perennials in the demanding climate of Northern Iceland, which is characterized by pronounced seasonality of temperature and day length. Situated in the shelter of Eyjafjord, which is one of the longest fjords in Iceland and provides a favourable microclimate for plant growth. Beside the 430 native species the surprising number of 6600 alien taxa grow in the garden. The garden is an IPEN member and is active in seed-exchange, public information, educationand recreation.

The Public Park and Botanic Garden is open 1st of Jun eto 30 Sept. On weekdays from 08-22 and at weekends from 09-22. The garden facilities are closed over the winter, but visitors are welcome to come for a stroll, the gates are open.

History and Culture
12.15 km
Gasir - Medival Trading place

Gásir is a unique place. In no other place in Iceland is it possible to find so many remainings from a trading post from the Middle Ages. Gásir was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages, and the place is mentioned many times in Old Icelandic Sagas from the 13th and 14th centuries. Archaeological digging in the area during the last six years has shown that it was a trading post up to the 16th century, possibly until trading started in Akureyri.

Each year in July Medieval life at Gásir is reconstructed with help from Icelandic craftsmen who wear medieval clothes and sell handicraft. Various handcrafts are on display; dyeing with plant extracts, wool-work, sewing, sewing leather and weaving.

History and Culture
0.12 km
Hearts of Akureyri

In Akureyri, stopping at a red light is much more pleasant than elsewhere.

The red lights are heart-shaped!

The heart in the traffic lights have caught the attention of those visiting Akureyri and the hearts of the inhabitants.

The hearts lit up all over town as a consequence of the finance crash in Iceland in year 2008, when there was a need for some positive thinking and to put emphasis on what really matters.

Since then the red hearts in the traffic lights are visible as well as plenty of red hearts made of the flower "forget me not" decorating windows, cars and signs throughout the town.

A perfect place for a selfie with the red traffic light always glowing, is down by the harbor in the city center close to Hof Cultural house.

Use the hashtag #heartsofakureyri

6.64 km
Glerá Canyons

Glerárgil has the deepest and most magnificent river gorges in Eyjafjörður but also one of the most vegetated. There are good walking paths along the gorge and there are about 8 bridges over the river, some for mixed traffic such as cars and pedestrians, while others are exclusively for bicycles and walking.

5.92 km
Kjarnaskógur woods

Kjarnaskógur Woods

South of Akureyri is one of the towns most popular outdoor area
- the woodland Kjarnaskógur. The recreational area is approx 800
hectars with more than 1.5 million trees, of many species planted within the
last 50 years. The area has diverse selection of trees and along the creek
Brunná one can find a tree sample track. For bird lovers, the area
is rich of birds and by the marshland in the north of the area (by Hundatjörn
in Naustaborgir) there is a bird watching shelter. A campsite is nearby,
Hamrar, with easy access to the forest.

In the forest you find:

* Three playgrounds

* Volleyball courts and outdoor gym

* Grill houses and pick-nick areas for both individuals and groups

* Aprox. 12 km of gravel-tracks for hiking, running and biking, of which 6 km
are lighted during dark hours. Also plenty of forest tracks and other vast
network of back country trails. For more details view the maps further down the

* Restrooms and water fountain

* 4 carparks

* Mountain bike trails are in the woods and are also connected to the mountain
bike trails in Mt. Hlíðarfjall - These combined create the longest mountain
bike trail in Iceland with a total of 21.6 km.

* During winter - the largest organized cross country tracks area (in a
woodland area in Iceland) with around 20 km of groomed trails and 6
km are lighted. The grooming statues can be
viewed here. The colors on
the map indicate the time since they were groomed last (green, orange and pink
are from a couple of hours up to 48 hours, while light blue, dark blue and grey
are from 2 days or up to 14 days or more). Areas for sledding are also groomed
during winter, by the statue of the Einar wood-ranger and below the sun-clock.

How to get there:

Head south from the town along the road no. 823, pass the airport and turn
right by the sign "Kjarnaskogur" and follow the bending road up to
the parking area. Aprox 5 min drive from town center and 30 minutes walk.

It is possible to take bus number 1, 2 or 5 from town square,
Ráðhústorg, and go out at Kjarnagata/Vallatún, by the golf course. From there
is about two km. walk to Kjarnaskógur area.

Contact info:

Skógræktarfélag Eyfirðinga

Sími: (+354) 462 4047



Map of the area: Kjarnaskógur - Easy and shorter walks

Kjarnaskógur - All tails - overview map

Hamrar - the campingsite and surrounding

Naustaborgir - Naturereserve area -

Gönguskíðabrautir - Crosscountrytrails

History and Culture
0.53 km
First settlers

A statue of Helgi magri (Helgi the lean)
and Þórunn hyrna (Þórunn the horned), the first settlers of the
area, about the year 890, stands on the Hamarkot Rocks on the street
Brekkugata near the police station.

The story tells that the parents of
Helgi handed him over for fostering into the Hebrides, and when they came there
two winters afterwards, he was so starved that they did not know him; they
brought him away with them and called him Helgi the lean. He was brought up in
Ireland, and when he was grown up, he married Þórunn hyrna (Þórunn the horned).
They moved to Iceland with their children and settled the whole of Eyjafjörður.
Helgi magri handed out parts of the settlement, which was very big, to his
children and kin but selected and built his own farm at a site which he
named Kristnes (Christ Cape) some 12 km south of Akureyri, a place where he
dwelt during the remainder of his life. Helgi believed in Christ and therefore
gave this name to his dwelling.

Þórunn hyrna, was the
daughter of Ketill flatnefur. Ketill Björnsson, nicknamed Flatnose (Flatnefur), who
was a chieftain of the Isles of the 9th century. All his children
settled big parts of Iceland, Þórunn hyrna in Eyjafjörður,
Auður djúpúðga, at Hvammur in West-Iceland.
Her brother, Helgi bjóla, settled Kjalarnes and her other brother, Björn
austræni, settled
Snæfellsnes and lived in Bjarnarhöfn.

The statue, which was made by Jónas S. Jakobsson in 1956, is located on top of
Hamarkotsklappir behind the Police station (Lögreglustöðin). About 5-10
min. walk from town center.

Two prominent streets in Akureyri are
named after these settlers - Helgamagrastræti street and Þórunnarstræti street
and the kindergarten Hólmasól is named after Helgi and Þórunn first child
Next to the statue, one can find an old view-dial. On the view-dial is
written 1949 - Ferðafélag Akureyrar, but these view-dials show the names of the
surrounding mountains.

6.71 km
Glerárdalur Valley

A nice walk leads from the mouth of the valley Glerárdalur to the bottom of it and ends by the mountain cabin named Lambi, some 11 km into the valley.

5.74 km
Mountain Súlur

Mt. Súlur is the town mountain of Akureyri.

4.36 km

Nature reserve just outside of Akureyri with good slopes for walking.

History and Culture
1.04 km
Akureyri Church

The Akureyri church is the symbol of Akureyri. It is a Lutheran church and was designed by the famous architect Gudjon Samuelsson and consecrated in 1940. The central stained-glass window above the altar formed a
part of a set originating from England. The bas-reliefs on the nave balcony are by sculptor Asmundur Sveinsson and the baptismal font is a replica of a work by sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

The church is above the town center.

Please note that the church is closed
when funerals or other services are taking place and it is advertised
especially on the church door. For more information check the website or send an email at

History and Culture
2.16 km
Akureyri Old Town

The old town of Akureyri brings you back to the beginning of the town. The area is located just a short stroll from town centre, towards the south.

The area is a monument to the town's history and culture. Many of the town oldest houses have been preserved and the original street planning has been maintained. Informative signposts guide visitors about the history of a different era. On this walk, you see the old Theatre, the old Primary School and the Old Hospital built in 1827, the first
two-storied house built in Iceland and the oldest building in Akureyri, Laxdalshús, built in 1795.

The name of Akureyri dates back to the 15th century, but it was not until 1778 that the first dwelling was built on the site. The oldest building that still remains was built in 1795, called Laxdalshús.

The houses and style of architecture are what draws the attention in this area. Around what used to be the main harbour but now home to the local sailing club Nökkvi you find many of the original buildings that kicked off this small harbour town. As time passed and the population grew, the hills behind the town developed as there was only one way to go - up!

Many of the buildings feature coting of corrugated iron. Traditionally this was used as a roofing material and for building farming sheds but in Iceland, it was commonly used as an external covering on walls to protect the woodwork. Another
method of shielding houses that is quite special for Akureyri, as it is rarely found in other places in Iceland, is the use of pressed iron plates, like tiles. These were imported from the US in the 1930s, and many of the oldest houses still wear this type of coating with beautiful colours.

For more information about the old town and the houses see our historical signboards.

4.09 km

Krossanesborgir is a nature reserve north of Akureyri, that allows you for a soft walk by the sea, and chances for bird watching in summer. Popular among locals for berry picking in autumn.

North Iceland

Towns & Villages

Society and the economy have many faces. Whereas agriculture is the mainstay of rural areas, the towns depend upon fishing, industry, trade and a range of services, with each village having its own characteristics though they all prove hospitable hosts. 
The availability of food and accommodation and the possibilities at every location for recreation and entertainment make hopping between the villages informative as well as fun.   
In every case, the residents are lively and ready to celebrate.

Explore map with pictures

Map Akureyri Eyjafjarðarsveit Grímsey Raufarhöfn Kópasker Þórshöfn Bakkafjörður Húsavík Mývatn Laugar Svalbarðseyri Grenivík Hjalteyri Hauganes Árskógssandur Dalvík Hrísey Ólafsfjörður Siglufjörður Hofsós Hólar Varmahlíð Sauðárkrókur Skagaströnd Blöndós Hvammstangi Laugarbakki Borðeyri