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We welcome you to visit our little fishing village and our fish factory. We have an interesting history which is entwined with the fish industry history in Iceland. Making salted cod used to be a huge industry for export and existed in practically every town in Iceland, however today we are one of the few producers of salted cod left in North Iceland. So what happened?

We welcome you to join us on a tour around our facilities. Find out a few more interesting things, see how the process works; from fishing the codfish up from the north Atlantic ocean, to the moment - months later - when we ship the finished product to Italy or Spain - or on your dish in our restaurant.

The host Elvar Reykjalin - is a natural stand-up comedian and will guide you through the tour in a memorable way.

Those brave enough could join "The Rotten Shark club of Hauganes" - by tasting fermented shark, washing it down with a special brew. We're happy to say we have thousands of brave members from all over the world who all have received a verification card!

The Ektafiskur Experience tour is open for groups, 8 people or more at a time of your convenience but must be booked at least 2 days in advance via telephone: +354 466 1016.

Please contact us, either by email or telephone: +354 466 1016 for prices and further information.

We look forward to welcoming your people!


Hafnargata 6

GPS Points N65° 55' 24.827" W18° 18' 6.734"

+354 466-1016

Opening period All year

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23.51 km

Hrísey is Iceland's second largest island, the largest being Heimaey in the Westmann Islands. It is covered with vegetation, being, for the most part, flatland which only rises to 110 metres above sea level at its highest point. The bedrock is basalt, about 10 million years old. On the southernmost tip of the island is a small village where most of the islanders live. There is a relatively new swimming pool to tempt the visitor, and also the chance to do a spot of sightseeing from the trailer of a tractor, which is perhaps something one does not experience every day!
The crossing between Hrísey and Árskógssandur takes about 15 minutes one way, and the ferry, Sævar, runs several times a day.

North Iceland

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Society and the economy have many faces. Whereas agriculture is the mainstay of rural areas, the towns depend upon fishing, industry, trade and a range of services, with each village having its own characteristics though they all prove hospitable hosts. 
The availability of food and accommodation and the possibilities at every location for recreation and entertainment make hopping between the villages informative as well as fun.   
In every case, the residents are lively and ready to celebrate.

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