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North Aurora Guesthouse

North Aurora Guesthouse is a magical guesthouse, placed in a quiet little village 70 meters from Road nr.1 (the so called ring road). The area at the guesthouse is surrounded with pure nature, Icelandic vegetation and a beautiful heath or a mountain hill.

North Aurora guesthouse is painted and designed by Feng Shui studies, and is geopathic stress free.

Goðafoss waterfall is only 9 km away.

You can take a 10 min. short (light) evening-walks with a guided medium (the host) up to the famous elves stone and experience the amazing therapeutic healing power around the stone. The perfect end of a great day.

The guided walks are only available for the guests of North Aurora guesthouse.

One of the best places in Iceland to see the stunning northern lights, plus The Aurora Observatory - Kárhóll is just 1.8 km away from here.

North Aurora guesthouse has excellent beds.

  • There are 9 rooms with access to 3 shared bathroom facilities on first floor.
    Free Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Fully equipped kitchen, free coffee and hot drinks. Guests have access to a nice living room services as laundry.
  • Restaurant, bar, shop, swimming pool and a hot tub heated by geothermal water are in a few minutes' walk from the North Aurora guesthouse.
  • Lake Mývatn, the village Húsavík, and the Nature baths are in about 30 minutes' drive from the guesthouse.
  • Iceland is well known for its spectacular landscape and unique natural environment.
North Aurora Guesthouse

Lautavegur 8

GPS Points N65° 43' 9.203" W17° 22' 20.213"

+354 860-2206

Accommodation 9 Rooms / 18 Beds
Opening period All year

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