Skagaströnd From the mountains to the sea

At Skagaströnd you will find the natural beauty of varied landscapes and vegetation everywhere you look. You will witness the grandeur of Spákonufell that towers over the town. There are staked out walking trails on the mountain so you can experience the majestic power of the mountain firsthand.

The cultural life at Nes Artist Residency where artists develop their craft inspires locals and travelers alike. If you are lucky you can pop in at Nes and see what the artists are up to - who knows you might end up as a muse!

Spákonufellshöfði promontory, usually known as the Cape, is a popular outdoor recreational area and suitable for those who don´t dare tackle the mountain. There is a choice of marked walking trails along the cape, and information signs give details on the flora and birdlife of the area.

For those intrigued by folklore and fairytales, you might want to go on a hunt to find the sculpture of Jón Árnason one of the greatest collectors of folk narrative in Europe. His features have been immortalized in bronze and positioned on one of the trails on the Cape. You might also find the minuscule gate and bridge that artist Reiner Fest gifted to the town of Skagaströnd intended in part for the mythical creature inhabiting the Cape.

Skagaströnd has a great golf course that boasts of breathtaking views over Húnaflói and over to Strandir. The view is so spectacular that even if your golf game is not up to par it won't even make a dent in the experience!

In town, there is an attractive camping site with excellent facilities and a swimming pool and hot tub overlooking the vast ocean.

Our latest attraction is the small fishing harbor that is usually full of life; locals on strolls, artist on the hunt for inspiration, and our happy sailors coming or going on their colorful boats.

Skagaströnd - where everyone is always welcome.

GPS Points N65° 49' 29.252" W20° 18' 9.228"
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Skagaströnd Golf Club
Golf Courses
  • Höfði
  • 545 Skagaströnd
  • 892-5089


Kaffi Bjarmanes
  • Bjarmanesi
  • 545 Skagaströnd
  • 867-6701
Spakanufellshofdi headland

Spákonufellshöfði headland is popular among those interested in walking and other outdoor recreations, and is a short way from the harbour in Skagaströnd.

Marked footpaths have been laid out and signboards erected telling the visitor about the area's flora and fauna. On a bright, clear summer evening, one can witness the setting of the midnight sun as it dips to touch the horizon in the north. Indeed, the inhabitants of the area make use of the headland all year round and enjoy all that it has to offer.


Spákonufell is an impressive and dignified mountain towering above Skagaströnd and is looked upon as a kind of emblem of the village. It is frequented in all seasons by those who want to indulge in a variety of outdoor activities.

In summer, there is a choice of good walking and hiking trails, and many highly valued places of interest. And when winter lays an icy hold on the slopes, the townspeople change over to cross-country skiing - making their way round and, in some cases, up the mountain. Booklets about walks on and around Spákonufell and Spákonufellshöfði have been published in Icelandic, English and German, and these can be obtained in many places within the town itself, as well as in tourist information bureaux all over the north of Iceland. They also contain excellent photographs, detailed maps and other items of interest and information.


Kálfshamarsvík is a small cove in the northern part of Skagi, with unusual, beautifully formed sea cliffs of columnar rock, created about 2 million years ago. At the beginning of the 20th century, fishing boats plied the waters and there was a small community of about 100 inhabitants at Kálfshamarsvík. However, by around 1940 the village had become deserted.

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