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Hvammstangi Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Hvammstangi is good for tired travellers, families or others that like to relax or enjoy the best of Icelandic hot water.

The swimming pool was open 1982. It has nice outdoor swimming pool of 25m x 11m, hot tub with water massage and steam bath.

Hvammstangi Swimming Pool


GPS Points N65° 23' 58.034" W20° 56' 34.008"


Opening period All year
Categories Swimming Pools

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  • Ytri-Árbakki
  • 530 Hvammstangi
  • 856-9531
Hvammstangi Camping Ground
  • Brekkugata 12
  • 530 Hvammstangi
  • 899-0008
Sæberg HI Hostel
  • Reykjaskóli, Hrútafjörður
  • 500 Staður
  • 894-5504
Laxahvammur Lodge
  • Miðfjörður
  • 531 Hvammstangi
  • 823-7555 , 451-2800
Hvammstangi Cottages
  • Kirkjuhvammur
  • 530 Hvammstangi
  • 860-7700
Neðra-Vatnshorn guesthouse
Farm Holidays
  • Línakradalur
  • 531 Hvammstangi
  • 8667297, 866-7297
Guesthouse Langafit
  • Laugarbakki
  • 531 Hvammstangi
  • 451-2987, 616-3304
Hvammstangi Hostel
  • Norðurbraut 22a
  • 530 Hvammstangi
  • 860-7700
Farm Holidays
  • Brekkulækur
  • 531 Hvammstangi
  • 451-2938
Mörk - Superior Cottages
  • Mörk
  • 530 Hvammstangi
  • 862-5636, 862-5466
11.12 km
Ánastaðastapi Rock Formation

A sign "Ánastaðastapi" on road No. 711 indicates the parking area. Cross the stairs at the fence and take a short walk down the hill along a little creek to the shore. Here you find the beautiful sea stack Ánastaðastapi. Please be aware that this place is closed until July due to lambing season.

22.87 km

As you drive along Víðidalur, you will come to Kolugil Farm which stands beside the Víðidalsá river. Just below the farm, the waters flow peacefully downwards to plunge into the deep, rugged gorge called Kolugljúfur. Their journey then sends them cascading over many waterfalls which bear the name Kolufossar Falls in honour of the giantess, Kola.

It is a breathtaking sight to walk on the the viewing platform and watch the calm waters of the river suddenly leap and tumble onwards over so many impressive falls - a sight which will leave no one unmoved.
History and Culture
17.62 km
Bjarg í Miðfirði

Bjarg in Midfjordur, is the farm that belonged to Asdis, the mother of outlaw Grettir Asmundarson - Grettir the Strong, of Grettis Saga fame. Beneath a rock in the hayfield, Asdis buried Gretti´s head, which was presented to her by his killer. There´s now a monument in her honour on site.

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