Ski Iceland

Ski Iceland

Ski Iceland is easy. In North Iceland there are seven well-equipped and flood-lit ski resorts open from November to May, offering ski rental and ski schools for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an extreme skier you got the right place. We also have excellent facilities for cross-country skiing, sport tours and extreme sport experiences.

The ski areas in North Iceland all occupy their own niche in the region’s magnificent landscape. They offer slopes and lifts suited to both children and adults, and the season can extend  from Mid-November to May. Outside the organized ski areas, the possibilities for backcountry skiing are endless,  with the Troll Peninsula being the centre of activity. The terrain looks as though it had been specially created for Alpine ski touring, Cat skiing and Heli Skiing, all of which are activities currently on offer for the avid skier. Skiing on virgin slopes all the way down to the Arctic Ocean is what characterizes this skiers´ paradise where snow conditions remain favourable well into spring, the season lasting from mid February to the end of May. Facilities for cross-country skiers, with prepared trails can be found in many locations and also some organized cross country and alpine ski touring trips. Winter in the North offers a true family paradise, promising pleasure and spiritual renewal in  the  embrace of snow-covered mountains.

Information for the Ski Bus in Akureyri can be found here on this link.

The 5X5 Ski Pass

Ski Iceland Ski Pass

This is the ski pass that serves all of North Iceland resorts. This means that you can ski in 5 resorts for 5 days. If you want to ski at one resort for 4 days and then do another one for 1 day that‘s possible. You get the idea. The 5X5 Ski pass is available at every resort and you don’t need to buy it in advance.

Price for the 5x5 Ski Pass (5 days 5 resorts, valid until end of winter season 2016-2017):

Adult Ski Pass: 120 Euro
Adult Skis/Snowboard: 130 Euro
Children under 18 Ski Pass: 45 Euro
Children Skis/Snowboard: 100 Euro

The resorts are:
Sauðárkrókur Ski Area
Siglufjörður Ski Area
Ólafsfjörður Ski Area
Dalvík Ski Area
Hlíðarfjall Ski Area

Sightseeing and Helicopter Flights

For those interested in flying or observing scenery from above or a bit of both, aerial sightseeing tours by plane or helicopter are awe inspiring experiences. For those whom are in to skiing there are world famous Heli skiing areas in North Iceland.

Geothermal baths

Few things are more cozy than relaxing in a hot pool in the middle of nature. Iceland has an abundance of easily accesible natural pools 

Swimming Pools

North Iceland has numerous swimming pools, mostly outdoors. These are nearly always fed with fresh, clear geothermal water, although a few swimming pools are heated in other ways and are usually indoors. While many decades ago Icelandic pools were built in order to teach people to swim, supplemental services have been added with time, including hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, tanning tables, water slides, children's and splash pools, and play equipment.


No better spot is imaginable for re-tanking physically and mentally on a cold autumn or winter day, or after the strain of a hiking or skiing trip, than a swimming pool with its hot tubs and saunas.

Swimming brings health and beauty!

Jeep- & Glacier Tours

Many travel agencies specialize in different kinds of jeep exhibitions. A jeep tour on a glacier with breathtaking views is an unforgettable experience.

Snowmobile & Snowcat Tours

Many agencies offer snowmobile-, snowcat- or ATV tours. They are suitable for anyone looking for a little excitement and adventure while on vacation.

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Ski Iceland