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North Iceland is for the whole family. It can be challenging to travel with children of different ages, but here everyone should be able to find something to their liking and try new entertainment. 

Mini zoo and open farms in North Iceland

For family travelers, mini-zoos or petting zoos are a enjoyable options. Another option is a vist to an open farm where visitors are allowed to watch the farm animals and pet them and assist in the feeding them. These visits are very popular with the youngest generation.

Whale watching in North Iceland

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities among visitors in North Iceland.

The number of species and favorable weather and sea conditions make North Iceland one of the best areas to spot whales. Skjálfandi is a sheltered bay, and Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland, offering perfect locations for a boat ride all year long, surrounded by birds and beautiful scenery.

The experience is completed by spotting dolphins and minke, humpback, or even blue whales playing beside the particularly appealing oakwood boats used exclusively in North Iceland. There are also specially designed whale-watching boats available. A RIB safari tour is ideal for those who want to go on a  speed boat and cover a bigger area in search of whales.  Sailing in an electric-powered schooner, looking out for the giant humpback whales is also a unique experience.

Swimming pools

North Iceland has numerous swimming pools, mostly outdoors. These are nearly always fed with fresh, clear geothermal water, although a few swimming pools are heated in other ways and are usually indoors. While many decades ago Icelandic pools were built in order to teach people to swim, supplemental services have been added with time, including hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, tanning tables, water slides, children's and splash pools, and play equipment

No better spot is imaginable for re-tanking physically and mentally on a cold autumn or winter day, or after the strain of a hiking or skiing trip, than a swimming pool with its hot tubs and saunas.

Swimming brings health and beauty!

Horse back riding in North Iceland

It is not surprising that these horses were called man's most necessary servant, considering the total lack of roads in former times. Leading through the untouched, charming nature of North Iceland, riding trails follow the coast, wind into the scenic mountains, or revive the use of age-old trails with varied history.

Experiencing an autumn roundup by the owners of free-ranging horses is no less of an adventure. Sitting on the corral fence and watching the action, you will see excitement, hear singing, and find happiness in every face. Many places in North Iceland have special exhibitions that introduce travellers to the Icelandic horse, and events related to riding and raising horses are always on the increase.