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When visiting North Iceland, you must go at least once on a whale-watching tour. There are also many other activity options where you can get wet, play in the water and just enjoy yourself.  

Whale watching

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities among visitors in North Iceland.

The number of species and favorable weather and sea conditions make North Iceland one of the best areas to spot whales. Skjálfandi is a sheltered bay, and Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland, offering perfect locations for a boat ride all year long, surrounded by birds and beautiful scenery.

The experience is completed by spotting dolphins and minke, humpback, or even blue whales playing beside the particularly appealing oakwood boats used exclusively in North Iceland. There are also specially designed whale-watching boats available. A RIB safari tour is ideal for those who want to go on a  speed boat and cover a bigger area in search of whales.  Sailing in an electric-powered schooner, looking out for the giant humpback whales is also a unique experience.

Seal watching

Seal watching is a fascinating experience and there is no better place to see these beautiful animals than where they are most at home i.e. in their natural habitat. Seals are naturally curious creatures and therefore, with a good camera, it should be relatively easy to get some excellent pictures of them in their proper environment. Seal watching is an experience that is long remembered, and certainly gives one a new perspective on life and nature. The Icelandic Seal Center at Hvammstangi offers an educational exhibition on seals, and gives information to people seal watching in the Vatnsnes peninsula.

Sellátur is the Icelandic name given to an area by the sea which is the breeding ground for seals and these are to be found wherever seal colonies have settled. The breeding grounds are usually close to the tidemark and seals can be seen lying on the beach or splashing around in the sea at high tide. In each colony, there can be as few as one or two animals or as many as several hundred. Vatnsnes and Melrakkaslétta are the best places in the north to study these creatures. 

We remind you of being careful around the seals and make sure not to disturb them. 
It is good to keep the following in mind: The seals are in their natural and we are observers. Move gently, keep your voice down, and never throw objects around them. Please keep in mind that drones scare the seals. 

River rafting in North Iceland

Anyone seeking excitement will find whitewater rafting down Jökulsá Vestari or Jökulsá Austari ideal. Trips on these two adventurous glacial rivers are extremely popular since the streams run through unique, spectacular canyons which draw ever more people to try this experience. 

While floating down these rivers, you will see plenty of impressive scenery and noteworthy locations. Why not try out river rafting for yourself, where the conditions are the best in Iceland? The excitement and the pretty nature of Skagafjörður are a wonderful mixture! Experienced Icelandic and foreign guides accompany the rafts, ensuring complete safety. 

You are not likely to forget your moments on the billowing waves of any of these glacial rivers.

Kayak tours and paddleboard

Kayaking and SUP paddle boarding is an exhilarating experience and many agencies throughout the country offer kayak an SUP tours on lakes, ponds and the ocean.

Jet ski North Iceland

Jet skis take you to the water at a pace that makes you feel free. During summertime, midnight is the local's favorite time to explore the hidden treasures of the bays. 

Sea angling

Great fun for people of all ages, sea angling trips are  available in most parts of the country.

Boat tours

From whale watching to puffin tours to northern light cruises, coast hugging trips and more, they each provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Iceland has an abundance of lakes and rivers teeming with salmon and trout and attract many anglers. The opportunities for participating  are limitless.

Diving and snorkeling

Exhilarating options for the equally adventurous beginner or expert, are the fresh water and sea diving tours available, in North Iceland you can see the world phenomenon Stryta.