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Great variety of different kinds of diners all around North Iceland. 

Fish & Chips Lake Myvatn
Take away Fish & Chips in Lake Myvatn, North Iceland. We serve delicious heart warming meal of Fish & Chips 
Veitingahúsið Salka
Restaurant Salka In the city center, housed in one of the oldest buildings in town, built in 1883. The restaurant is open all year around, and offers fresh seafood, light courses, pizzas and steaks. 
Daddi’s Pizza
Daddi’s pizza is a small pizzeria, founded in 2009. It’s located next to our reception and is visible from the main road.  We serve mouth-watering, delicious pizza from our secret recipe. Try the local topping – smoked trout from Lake Mývatn with cream cheese and pine nuts. A special culinary experience!
N1 - Service Station Blönduós
N1 operates over 100 service areas throughout Iceland. The largest facilities provide both attended and self-service fuel pumps, a selection of essential products and a range of refreshments.    
B&S Restaurant
B&S RESTAURANT A HEALTY CHOICE OPEN:  All year 11:00 21:00 For all the travelers from all around the world who wish to enjoy traditional food in Iceland and want to spend some quality time in the middle of their hectic touring, the best place to be is B&S Restaurant.  The traditional restaurant in North Iceland has earned a great reputation since 2007, as it is a cozy and comfortable restaurant, which is, located close by the ring road in the midst of the lush green town of Blönduós in North-West Iceland. Thus, many families, be it local or foreigners, all of them love to spend their time here and enjoy great services that are provided by the skilled professionals, so that B&S Restaurant becomes a memorable part of the vacation trip. The great fact about B&S Restaurant is about its originality. What makes us more special is that everything that we offer, from the ingredients to the final dish; it all contains some of the finest and homemade elements. Also, whatever that we purchase as our ingredients; we make sure that they are of the highest quality so that we serve our customers with the best. We are working to make sure that our restaurant not only serves you with tasty, mouthwatering food but also takes into account the hygiene factor as well. Our utmost priority is to provide our customers with better cuisine, better service and healthier food. Since food is something that tells a lot about its place, we offer something that wouldn’t let locals as well as the travellers down. B&S Restaurant has made customer satisfaction its top significance which is why it has hired some of the best skilled cooks who come from different backgrounds with years of experience of cooking. They surely know how to make the customers go home happily by showing their cooking skills in the form of food they make and the professional service they offer. What makes us different from any other local restaurants is that our traditional family restaurant in North Iceland takes its customers very seriously and most importantly takes the health and hygiene factors into account. All this can be proved by the fact that we use food that is free of white flour, fresh and healthy meat is used, breads are baked with in the restaurant only, fresh vegetables are purchased every day for the use in salads and only sunflower oil is used in pan. Other than that, ice creams and other desserts are also prepared fresh without any preservatives. For our tea and coffee lovers, we have something special. Our tea leaves are of high quality that is imported from the best tea area in china whereas, talking about coffee, we use high quality coffee beans that are painted directly in the cup. Not only that, but also we want our customers to know that this group restaurant in Blönduós North Iceland is always open take good care of you and your family so you can enjoy the local food in North Iceland at B&S Restaurant.   One think we pride our self is our commitment to the highest quality of ingredient and the use of organic ingredient and non-additives. We do not use: Dry yeast, white sugar, MSG, meat bouillon and other bouillon´s in the food. We only use natural spices in our recipes Instead of yeast we use leaven in our bread. All our breads are baked in house We do not use white flour in our soups or sauces Our salatbar is fresh and healthy and made daily at our restaurant. We make our all ice creams and deserts at the restaurant and with out any preservatives. For cooking we use Sunflower oil. All our hamburgers are minced in house from fresh meat straight from the farmer. All of our food sauces are made at B&S Restaurant.  To top off the dining experience it is great to end with our great tea selection it is a quality tea proprietary imported from the best tea area in China. Not only is our tea to talk about but also in our coffee we use high quality coffee beans that are brewed directly into the cup.

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N1 - Service station Staðarskáli Hrútafjörður v/ Norðurlandsveg 500 Staður 440-1336
Húnabúð ehf. Norðurlandsvegi 4 540 Blönduós 5510588
N1 - Service Station Sauðárkrókur Ártorg 4 550 Sauðárkrókur 455-7070
Blafell Skagfirðingabraut 29 550 Sauðárkrókur 453 6666
Olís Varmahlíð Varmahlíð 560 Varmahlíð 478-1036
KS Hofsós Suðurbraut 9 565 Hofsós 455-4692
Olís - Service Station Tjarnargata 6 580 Siglufjörður 467-1415
Serrano Ráðhústorg 7 600 Akureyri 519-6918
Lemon Ráðhústorg 1 600 Akureyri 462-5552
Isbudinn Akureyri Geislagata 10 600 Akureyri 461-1112
BlackBox Pizzeria Hótel KEA Akureyri 600 Akureyri 787-5959
Domino’s Pizza Undirhlíð 2 600 Akureyri 581-2345
Sprettur-Inn Kaupangi v/Mýrarveg 600 Akureyri 4646464
Leirunesti Leiruvegur 600 Akureyri 4613008
DJ Grill Strandgata 11 600 Akureyri 462-1800
Subway Kaupvangsstræti 1 600 Akureyri 530-7068
Kurdo Kebab Akureyri Skipagata 2 600 Akureyri 784-2084
Lemon Glerárgata 32 600 Akureyri 4625552
Olís - Service Station Tryggvabraut 12 600 Akureyri 460-3939
Kontorinn Restaurant Túngata 3 610 Grenivík 789-6919
Olís - Service Station Skíðabraut 21 620 Dalvík 466-1832
Tomman Hafnarbraut 21 620 Dalvík 466-1559
Olís - Service Station Garðarsbraut 64 640 Húsavík 464-1040