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North Iceland's beaches are known for their diverse landscapes, including black sands, picturesque dunes, and unique geological formations. They offer opportunities for birdwatching, seal spotting, and leisurely walks. Some beaches are accessible by bridges and provide scenic views ideal for nature enthusiasts. The northernmost point of Iceland also features beaches with historical significance. Overall, these beaches offer a tranquil escape with varied natural attractions, suitable for wildlife observation and enjoying the region's unique coastal beauty.
Borgarsandur Beach
East of the town Sauðarkrókur lays the beautiful black sand beach with dunes and marram grass. It is easy to park the car at the west end of the beach and take a walk to enjoy the view over Skagafjörður. 
Hraunhafnartangi and Rifstangi are the northernmost points of Iceland, at the edge of the arctic circle. Hraunhafnartangi derives its name from the natural harbor which is mentioned in 13th century literature. Þorgeirsdys, a stone mound found on Hraunhafnartangi, is believed the burial mound of Þorgeir Hávarsson who was slain there in an epic 11th century battle chronicled in Fóstbræðrasaga. Visitors who bring pictures of themselves by Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse can receive a certificate from local service providers of having been to the northernmost point of the Icelandic mainland. Please note that the elder duck is protected under Icelandic law and all access to the nesting area and its surroundings is prohibited between April 15th and July 14th.  
Fjallahöfn Beach
The road No.85 leaves the steep cliffs on the east side of Tjörnes peninsula and reaches the flat area of Öxnafjörður. A small parking option left of the road offers the best opportunities to walk to the black sandy beach and enjoy great views along the endless beaches of Öxnafjörður. Please don´t try to access the beach by car! 
Höfðagerðissandur Beach
Nice beach close to the town Húsavík. 
Ánastaðastapi Rock Formation
 A sign "Ánastaðastapi" on road No. 711 indicates the parking area. Cross the stairs at the fence and take a short walk down the hill along a little creek to the shore. Here you find the beautiful sea stack Ánastaðastapi. Please be aware that this place is closed until July due to lambing season.
Ólafsfjörður Beach
Leave the village of Ólafsfjörður on its north end in direction "Kleifar" and you will reach the beautiful black sandy beach with invites to take a stop and walk the beach. Park your car carefully in a designated parking area or in the village and take a walk.
At Illugastaðir on Vatnsnes peninsula you find one of the best seal watching place in Iceland. There are good facilities and service for travellers. Good walking path is next to the ocean and a trail to the sealwatching place. There you also find nice sealwatching hut to stay in when the weather is bad. The seals stays at Illugastaðir most days of the year, laying in rocks or swimming in the ocean close to the shore. Good camping site is at Illugastaðir and perfect place for walking in the nature. All kind of bird do nest at Illugastaðir, and large numbers of Arctic tern and eider ducks. Attention! Because of the large number of eider ducks that nest at Illugastaðir in the spring, the area is closed for all visitors from 1st of May until 20 June every year.
Lambanes Beach
The gravel road 869 discovers the peninsula Langanes. A beautiful beach near the farm sign to Ýtra-Lón Guesthouse is one of the rare sandy beaches which are not black in Iceland. A small birding house gives opportunities to observe the rich birdlife. But don´t miss to walk this beautiful beach! Lambanes beach is a summer destination. 
Dalvík Beach
In the harbour of Dalvík, at its southern end, is a little wooden bridge over the rock dam and offers access to a beautiful black sandy beach that invites to take a walk until you reach the delta of the river Svarfaðardalsá. Take a rest in the dunes and observe the rich birdlife.
Hvítserkur is a 15 m-high sea stack just off shore on the eastern side of Vatnsnes. Good seal spotting place at the estuary of the Sigridarstadir lake, south from the stack.
Gasir - Medival Trading place
Gásir is a unique place. In no other place in Iceland is it possible to find so many remainings from a trading post from the Middle Ages. Gásir was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages, and the place is mentioned many times in Old Icelandic Sagas from the 13th and 14th centuries. Archaeological digging in the area during the last six years has shown that it was a trading post up to the 16th century, possibly until trading started in Akureyri.