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There are various things to keep in mind if you are planning to camp or spend the night outside organised campsites. In November 2015, new conservation legislation came into effect making changes to where it is permissible to camp. For instance, it is now illegal to spend the night in tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper vans or similar outside organised campsites or urban areas unless the land owner or rightholder has given their permission. Otherwise, the law lays down the following rules for camping: 

Where may I camp?

  • Along public routes in inhabited areas, you may pitch a traditional camping tent for one night on uncultivated land, provided there is no campsite in the immediate vicinity and the land owner has not restricted or prohibited access, passage or stay within the area by means of signs on gates and walking paths.
  • Along public routes in uninhabited areas, you may pitch a traditional camping tent on privately owned land or national land.
  • Away from public routes, you may pitch a traditional camping tent, either on privately owned or national land, unless otherwise indicated in special rules which may be applicable to the land area in question.  

When must I get the permission of the land owner or rightholder?

  • If you plan to camp near places of human habitation or farms.
  • If you plan to camp for longer than one night.
  • If you plan to pitch more than three tents.
  • If the land is cultivated.
  • If you plan to use tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper vans or similar outside organised campsites or urban areas.                

Are there any areas where I may not camp/spend the night?

  • Land owners or rightholders may restrict or prohibit camping if there is substantial risk of damage to the country’s natural environment.
  • If the landowner or rightholder has prepared a special camping area on their land, they may direct travellers to it and charge a service fee. Similarly, if there is a campsite in the vicinity, the landowner or rightholder may direct travellers to it.
  • There may be restrictions on camping in protected areas (see below).  

More info

Viking Rafting
Guide-owned, professional, personal, IRF-certified service specializing in all whitewater activities from scenic floats and challenging rapids to remote wilderness expeditions and guided kayaking.  We are the newest face of northern Iceland's longest-running river rafting company, now 100% owned and operated by the same guides that take you down the river everyday! Our passion for paddling is stronger than ever, as is our commitment to providing all of our guests with the most fun and professional service in the industry. With more combined years on the river than any other rafting tour operator in Iceland, we invite you to join our smiling guides for the ultimate river adventure and the perfect compliment to your trip to Iceland! Our revised menu of river adventure tours now offers the largest variety of whitewater rafting and kayaking tours in Iceland. From half-day family floats and full-day adrenaline-pumping whitewater, to multi-day rafting expeditions and custom kayaking explorations, we continue to dig deeper into Iceland's river wilderness than any other. Our door is always open, and we warmly welcome you to drop by, grab a paddle, and share a once-in-a-lifetime river adventure with Iceland's whitewater specialists! 
Akureyri - Hamrar, Kjarnaskógur Camping Ground
Hamrar is a peaceful campground by the forest kjarnaskógur, at the southern end of Akureyri. The camping is well equipped with excellent facilities, playgrounds, and great hiking trails. The camping is divided into 16 grass areas, surrounded by trees, that extend to 3-4000 m2. Prices:Accommodation 1 night per person: 2100 isk.Senior citizens and disabled persons: 1800 isk.Electricity 1 night 1300 isk.Laundry machine: 600 isk.Dryer: 500 isk. Opening hours The campground is open all year round. Full service with camp warden 24/7 is from May 15th to October 15th. In the low season, the camp warden can be found (if not on site) at phone (+354) 461 2260 or mobile (+354) 863 0725, and you can also find additional information online: or FacilitiesWheelchair access:There is wheelchair access in two of our service huts with toilets, showers, and lavatories. Also have disabled access to special areas with access to electricity. Restrooms:In Hamrar we have 7 WC huts completing a total of 40 WCs. In five of them there is hot and cold water for the sinks. All the huts are provided with drinking water. In peak season, we increase the number of restrooms in the camp ground. Showers:There are  4 shower huts open 24/7 with a total of 15 showers and the number increases in the peak season.Camper lavatory disposal:There is camper lavatory disposal and water refill in Hamrar. Kitchen and lounge:At the entrance of the campground there is the service house, where you can find kitchen, dining and lving room. There is TV, computer, and electricity outlets. You can also find tourist information brochures. Washing machine and dryer:The area has access to a washing machine and tumble dyer 24/7 Power:There is access to electricity (with a fee) on all the camping areas. To access it, you need an adapter, that can be purchased at the camp warden hut.   Entertainment on site:There are 2 children playgrounds, and a water pond playground. There is a frisbee golf ground, gigant foosball, and minigolf and water skate hire. Camp wardens:Camp wardens can provide all the information and help you need regarding the campground. They are available from 7am to 12pm daily on peak season. If they are not at the gate warden hut, they can be reached at (+354) 8630725.  
Hegranes Camping ground
The house is about 270 square meters and can accomodate about 110 persons in seats.  Tables and chairs are available.  The house has four toilets, kitchen with a dishwasher, refridgerator, stove and a coffee maker. The house has mattresses and accommodation license for up to 20 persons. Around the house is a big garden that is the camp site. Rates 2016 Groupcamp site with indoor facilities (included is camp site, indoor facilities and electricity, cleaning costs extra): Weekend:  65.000 krWorking day:  25.000 kr
Raufarhöfn Camping Ground
Located by the swimming pool. Find us on Facebook here.
Dalakofinn Campsite
Dalakofinn camping area is located next to the sports field in Laugar. The swimming pool and a 6 hole golf course are in walking distances from the camping area. In the field house are toilets, showers, washing machine and a tumble dryer. On the upper floor is cooking facilities with chairs and tables along with sleeping bag area. The camping area has free wireless internet. Opening time:1st of May - 15th of September. Prices:Adult pr. night: 1.800 isk Free for children under age of 14 Electricity: 700 isk pr. night Washing machine: 700 isk pr. use Tumble dryer: 700 isk pr. use Sleeping bag pr. night: 3.000 isk
Bakkaflöt Travel Service
Bakkaflöt is a family-owned company that started in 1987. We offer a variety of accommodations. We have a 22 room guesthouse that offers cozy cabin with en suite bathrooms, double or triple rooms with shared bathrooms. We also have two bigger cottages with cooking facilities.  We have a small heated swimming pool outside and two hot tubs. Other facilities include a TV lounge, terrace, restaurant and bar area.  Next to the river Svartá we have a beautiful campsite with good cooking facilities.  In 1994 we started the river rafting in East glacial river and West glacial river.  West glacial river, class 2. Family rafting:  Scenic ride down the majestic Glacial Canyon. We´ll make a stop for a delicious hot chocolate from a geothermal spring and another stop to jump off a cliff. Great experience for the whole family.  East glacial river, class 4. Extreme rafting:  East glacial river is by far one of the best 1-day rafting rivers in Europe. Enjoy a delicious traditional Icelandic meat soup after the tour. The Extrem rafting is a total bliss and we can guarantee you will get wet.  Sit on top kayak trip down the river Svartá is an enjoyable and scenic nature ride in the midnight sun.  On site: accommodation in cabins and our guesthouse, camping site, small swimming pool, hot tubs, restaurant and bar.   
CJA camping
On the farm Hjalli in the valley of Reykjadalur only 2 km from the village of Laugar halfway between Akureyri and Myvatn you can find the small CJA campsite. There is a service house with toilets and showers in heated rooms but the kitchen/dishwasing room is unheated. The campground is divided into small private sections so it’s possible to book per eMail or on the phone, in advance or on arrival day. The staff is local and experts on the region and Iceland in general, ready to help you in any way. To get to CJA campsite you turn from highway 1 on road 846 in the village of Laugar. When you have crossed the bridge you turn right. In the middle of the slope you turn right (south) again into a unmarked gravel road and drive to the end, about 2 km. There are camping signs on light-posts at the bridge and in the slope to guide you the right way. By the Sport center/swimming pool in Laugar there is also a sign/map. For further information please visit our website or our Facebook site .
Kópasker Camping Ground
The camp site at Kópasker is just by the entrance into the village. The service house has two sinks, shower and a toilet and is very visible from the road. The camp site is below and is sheltered from wind from all directions except the south. The camp site has a coal barbeque, electricity and an area to hang clothes out to dry. There are also picnic tables. In the village Kópasker there is a health care, a pharmacy, a bank, a store, a wine store and a mechanic. You will also find a museum just outside the village. Also a 9 hole golf course, playground and much more. Many nice walking paths are nearby and visible on a map on the camp site. When the weather is good there are seals lying on the shore and you will also find rich bird life in and around the village.
Grenivík Camping Ground
The camp site at Grenivík was all renewed in 2011 and there is now a new service house with access for the disabled. There is also now access to electricity, shower and hot and cold running water. It also has a washbasin. The camp site is free for children younger than 16 years. The sports center has a new 16,67 meters long swimming pool, a hot tub, a gym and a sports hall. Opening timeFrom may 20th to september (as weather permits)
Holar Camping site
The campsite at Hólar is one of the most interesting campsites in Iceland due to the long history and the beautiful nature. The campsite is surrounded by forest which gives great shelter and a cozy atmosphere. There are many hiking trails around Hólar, both for a short stroll as well as longer hikes. Hólar Cathedral is a popular tourist attraction and The Icelandic Horse History Centre is another. Hólar also has a lovely restaurant and a swimming pool.
Kerlingarfjöll Highland Resort
Kerlingarfjöll are one of the natural pearls of Iceland, located in the highlands, between the Glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. The area is accessible by road no. 35 (Kjölur road) from both north and south, from Kjölur road the access is via road F347.The Kerlingarfjöll area, being area of approx. 100 KM2 is a mountain cluster, rising 500 – 700 M above the surrounding central highlands plains. The mountains are standing on a large system of calderas, which was active some 70.000 – 300.000 years ago. The area can be described as a cluster of rugged mountains with steep hills and sharp lines, that due to their age have not been affected by the eroding forces of the nature. Within the mountain cluster there are geothermal areas that are amongst the larger in Iceland. Rhyolite and obsidian are types of rocks that characterize the appearance of some of the mountains, making the area extremely colourful and heaven for those who wish to hike or spend their time in landscape not frequently seen elsewhere.The Kerlingarfjöll highland resort, offering accommodation ranging from sleeping bag in dorms, to accommodation in double bed rooms with private facilities and shower. The resort has fully licenced restaurant. The camping site is located on the banks of the river Asgardsa in the valley Asgardur that is in the northern part of the mountains. The site has showers and a steam bath. The steam bath is located 1km from the camping site. Also there is a playground for the kids.
Sauðárkrókur Camping Ground
A service house is available at the campsite with hot and cold water, showers, toilets and it is accessible for the disabled. Electricity is also available and disposing of waste from a mobile home. All major services are close by, such as a geothermal swimming pool, stores, restaurants, pubs, and recreational activities. The campsites in Sauðárkrókur, Hofsós, Varmahlíð and Hólar are in collaboration. It is possible to stay the first night at one of these camp sites and pay less during the next night at the other camp sites. It is necessary to provide a receipt from the first camp site. The campsite is open during the summer months from mid-May until mid-September.
Ólafsfjörður Camping Ground
The campsite in Ólafsfjörður is located next to the sports center. Next to it is a small pond with a lot of bird life and small fishes that the children find very popular.  The campsites are normally open from May 12th to October 15th.  Phone for information during the summertime is tel: +354 663-5560 RATES : Adults: ISK 1.400 Senior citizens and handicapped: ISK 1.200 Free for 16 years and younger Electricity: ISK 1.200 A complimentary ticket to the swimming pool for each visitor 
Þórshöfn Camping Ground
The camp site is high in the village in a peaceful location.  All services is in a walking distance.   The facilities at the camp site are good with tables, benches, toilets, electricity and a spot for caravans and mobile homes. In the sportcenter Verið, only a short distance from the camp site, you will find a swimming pool with hot tubs, a sports field and a gym.  There is also an information center as well as a washing machine, tumble dryer, a hot spot and internet access for tourists. In the village of Þórshöfn you can find the following services, a healt care, a pharmacy, restaurant, fast food restaurant, grocery store, shop, a gas station, car garage, tire garace and a postoffice and a bank. For mobile homes there is an electricity and waste dispsal. The surrounding are offers a wide variety of enjoying the outdoors such as walking trips, bird watching, seeing the shore and much more.  At Stórakarl by Skorubíkurbjarg is one of the best view over the cast area for birds. A new viewing platform was installed in 2014 where you can now view the birdlife in a unique way.
Dalvík Camping Ground
The camp site is by the southern entrance into the town (when arriving from Akureyri).  The camp site is next to the sports area, school and the swimming pool.  Around is a lot to do for the children such as football, basketball court and a playground. At the camp site there is hot and cold running water, showers and toilets. The service house has facilities to wash dishes and cook. There is also tables and chairs. The camp site has toilets and showers for the disabled. It is possible to get access to a washing machine, tumble dryer and to dry shoes. There is also running water to fill the watertank of mobile homes and waste disposal. The age limit is 18 years unless travelling with adult supervision.  Our staff will come to the area and charge fees, you are welcome to camp in the area as soon as you arrive, even though an employee is not in the area. Please contact us at telephone  (+354)6254775 to pay for your stay, if no one has contacted before you go. Opening time:15th of may – 15th of september. Price 2020:Fee for each units with two or more people in each unit is 2.500 ISK pr nightFee for each units with one person in each unit is 1.700 ISK pr nightElectricity is 1.000 ISK pr unit.Washing machine and tumble dryer: 1.000 ISK
Húsavík Camping Ground
The camp site is in a great location. From Húsavík is a short distance to visit some of the most popular attractions in Iceland such as the waterfall Dettifoss, Mývatn lake and Ásbyrgi. A good camp site in Húsavík, a walking distance to the swimming pool and grocery store. There is cooking facilities, two showers, washing machine and toilets. there is also free internet connection. For rates visit 
Hauganes Camping Area
In Hauganes, near the harbor, is a recently established camping area which is open during the summer season. A great place for tents, camping trailers and vans that need access to electricity, WC and facility for washing dishes. It is located right next to the Black beach Hot Tubs where there are showering facilities. The restaurant Baccalá bar is also within a short walking distance.  The camping area is located in a peaceful area, sheltered from the northern winds
Camping 66.12° north
The campsite is close to the sea in the Tjörnes peninsula and the view to the sea is great. There is not many places in Iceland with as beautiful sunset as well as lot of bird life in the area. The facilities are good with toilets and warm showers as well as toilets for the disabled. There is also an indoor cooking and dining facilities. The travelling distance to Ásbyrgi is about 35 km and 24 km to Húsavík. To lake Mývatn is about 80 km and 100 km to Akureyri.
Bakkafjörður camping ground
The Camp Site at Bakkafjörður is located in the center of the village. Electricity is available for campers as well as bathing facilities in the nearby Guest House. Bakkafjörður village is at one end of the Arctic Coast Way, see Nearby are many nearby hiking trails, such as on Digranes or to Viðvík. One of the country's oldest wooden church and the parish church of Bakkafjörður is at Skegurstaður, which was built in 1845. At Bakkafjörður there is now a guesthouse next to the Camp Site and a small shop and with a café by the old arbor. A petrol/gas automat is located by the café. A playground for young children is at the Guest House. The main foundation of Bakkafjörður village is rich fishing grounds in nearby waters. Currently, there are some fish processing plants and several small fishing vessels that bring regularly fresh fish ashore at the new harbor, which is one the largest of its kind in the country. Near Bakkafjörður there is a swimming pool in Thorshofn village, a shop and more services. An outdoor swimming pool is at nearby Selárdalur
Hofsós Camping Ground
The campsite at Hofsós is a sheltered campsite with electricity, toilet facilities, cold and hot water, and a place to empty toilets.   While in Hofsós, enjoy a stroll around the lower part of town near the harbour, or view the amazing basalt formations at Staðarbjargavík. The highly awarded swimming pool in Hofsós is a walking distance from the campsite.  In Hofsós you will also find the The Emigration Center, and few minutes from Hofsós you can step into the past and visit the old times at The Vintage Auto Museum. The campsites in Hofsós, Sauðárkrókur, Varmahlíð and Hólar are in collaboration. It is possible to stay the first night at one of these camp sites and pay less during the next night at the other camp sites. It is necessary to provide a receipt from the first camp site. The campsite is open during the summer months from mid-May until mid-September.
Please contact for prices and booking information.
At Fjalladýrð Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional food, culture, and accommodation in peaceful surroundings. On our premises you will find a variety of nature walks and other forms of outdoor recreation. The Fjalladýrð team is conscious about the environment and we try to meet all the environmental challenges running a tourist service constitutes. We offer personal service, with the goal of allowing our customers to get closer to their origins. We work to achieve this by offering homemade food, traditional Icelandic rural culture and further recreation options tailored to the interests of each group or person. Fjalladýrð offers accommodation for up to 70 people in rooms with dressed beds and private or shared facilities. A well serviced camping ground is also at hand. The restaurant/café Fjallakaffi - "The Mountain Café" awaits you with homemade delicacies like "kleinur" and "Ástarpungar" - Icelandic doughnuts treats, not to mention the renowned Icelandic lamb meat soup, Icelandic moss-soup, local trout, and a local lamb steak. All this and more to be found on our menu. Möðrudalur is the highest settled farm in Iceland, 469 meters ( 1548 feet) above sea-level. It has been inhabited since early settlement in Iceland. Möðrudalur has served as a presbytery for centuries. The builder of the church in Möðrudalur was Jón A. Stefánsson (1880 - 1971). He was a great farmer as well as an artist and the altarpiece is made by himself. His son was Stefán ,,Stórval" Jónsson (1908 - 1994), a one of a kind character and a painter. The panorama view from the farm is interesting in many ways - judge for yourself. Möðrudalur/Fjalladýrð is a home base of the company Volcano Heli that offers different kind of sightseeing tours:  Our campsite is open from June to mid-September. For campers, and RVs we offer stays throughout the year depending on weather. Last but not least we sell Icelandic woolens and handicrafts made by local people as well as some snacks.
Vogar Camping Ground - Vogar Travel Service
Our camping grounds have plenty of space and guests are welcome to park their car next to the tent/camper.  Indoor toilets and hot showers are included in the price. We also offer access to outdoor kitchen sinks. Dogs are only welcome when kept on a leash. If you have stayed with us for three nights in a row, the fourth night is free of charge!
Siglufjordur camping ground
The campsite in Siglufjörður is located in the center of the town, next to the pier and the square. All services, museum, and activities are only about 5-10 minutes away. South of the avalanche protection guard is another area for those who want a little more peace and quiet. From that campsite, there is a short distance to the golf course and for bird watching. There is about 10 minutes walk downtown from the latter campsite.  The campsites are normally open from May 15th to October 15th.  Phone for information during the summertime is 345+843-9892  Rates 2021 Adults: 1.400 ISK. Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.200 ISK. FREE for 16 years and younger Accommodation tax: 333 ISK. Electricity: 1.200 ISK. Washing machine 500 ISK. pr. wash Dryer 500 ISK pr. load  Camping site guard: Guðmundur (Gummi). Phone number: 354- 663-5560 E-mail: Info centre Fjallabyggð tel: 35- 464-9215
Camping site Grímsey island
The campsite in Grímsey is centrally located in the village, behind the swimming pool. Guests of the campsite have access to wc and shower with hot and cold water inside the swimming pool. Price: ISK. 1,500 per person / night. Free for children under 18 years old.  
Glaðheimar Cottages
Open all year round. Accommodation in 20 well equipped cottages for altogether 110 people. Hotpots and sauna in most of the cottages. Close to all services.   Gladheimar – Picturesque cottages on the river bank Blönduós is a small, peaceful village midway between Reykjavik and Akureyri  by the mouth of the river Blanda.   Gladheimar offers a variety of picturesque cottages that are all located within a few hundred meters of the River Blanda, with many set directly on the river bank itself.   They are available in various different sizes,  well equipped and fitted with high quality furnishing.  All of our cottages have a small kitchen, refrigerator, TV and comfortable high quality furnishings. Most of them also have a natural geothermal hot tub. Gladheimar is also popular among campers and we also offer a well-equipped camping area.   ●     Enjoy the privacy ●     Enjoy the silence ●     Enjoy the service in the small village ●     Enjoy the unspoiled nature   From the cottages it is only a few minute’s walk to various local services and amenities, such as restaurants, the new geothermal swimming pool, a liquor store and a small supermarket.  There are many interesting places to visit in the Blönduós vicinity and our staff at the Glaðheimar service center are more than happy to help you to arrange sightseeing tours.  We offer free private parking on site with no reservation needed.   Located immediately opposite the cottages within the middle of the river Blanda is a small, very beautiful island called Hrútsey.  The island is a protected wildlife sanctuary but visitors are allowed access via the footbridge. The old town of Blönduós also provides an interesting walk, and you can walk along the mouth of the river to the beach - you might even see a seal head pop up! The golf course is within 3 miles and if you like to go fishing, hiking or horse riding then please contact us directly, as many options are available.   Glaðheimar - open all year!   Take a scenic drive and then enjoy the silence by relaxing in a geothermal hot tub.  Lean back in the hot water on a bright summer night or a dark winter evening - you might even see the spectacular northern lights.
At Afangi there is hostel style accommodation for up to 32 people in 8 rooms, each accommodating 4 people.  Its possibility to get made-up bed with linen. We have fully equipped self-catering kitchen facilities and a dining area for the use of overnight quests and groups.  In our café you can buy hot meals (please order in advance),breakfast, lunsh, coffe, waffles, cakes, soups and bread.  From our shop we can also packed lunches.  Cold soft drinks and sweets.  Cold icelandic beer. Áfangi has a hot jacuzzi and shower - the ideal way to relax after a long day´s journey!! GPS: N65°08,701 W19°44,148 Stable.
Hrafnagil Camping site
The family camp site Hrafnagil is located next to the school in Hrafnagil, about 10 km from Akureyri. It has plenty of growth and natural beauty. Visitors are free from the racket of “city” life but still close to all services. Many walking paths are close by. The christmas house is a short walk away where you can experience the christmas spirit all year round. A short drive away you can also find the coffee house Holtsels Hnoss where you can buy coffee, icecakes and homemade icecream. Other activites close by are is a horse rental, golf courses, museums, galleries and much more. The facilities are quite good with toilets, playground, hot and cold running water, swimming pool next door and a washing machine. The craftsman festival is held yearly the second weekend in august. Rates 2022Children, 17 years and younger:  Free when traveling with adults.Adults (tent or camper): ISK  1.500 pr person.Electricity: ISK 1000 pr 24 hours.
Vesturdalur Camping Ground - Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður
The campsite in Vesturdalur is usually open from early June to mid-September. The campsite is for tents only. Neither electricity nor hot water is available. Phone coverage is limited. Reservations are not available for the campsite in Vesturdal. Campsite fees are payable to rangers on-site. 
Reykir Camping Site
The camp site at Reykir is a large and open camp site with toilets, electricity, outdoor barbeque and a small playground.  There is also a guesthouse, a small coffee house and two natural hot springs to bathe in.  Next to the hot springs is an outdoor shower.  Thea area is nice for individuals as well as groups. 
Vaglaskógur Campsite
Vaglaskógur Campsite has five sheltered camping grounds for tents, camper vans, RVs, travel trailers, and folding campers that all offer access to restrooms. There is good accessibility for wheelchairs as well as handicap accessible bathrooms on most camping grounds. All reservations are made through Vaglaskógur forest has many interesting walking paths that trace through the beautiful nature of the forest. We have a wide variety of tree species that grow in colder climates. Many species of birds live in the forest, most notably the rock ptarmigan, common snipe and white wagtail. Information booklets are found at all camping grounds. There is plenty of entertainment for the whole family close by, for example Akureyri (17km through Vaðlaheiði tunnel), swimming pool and mini-golf (12km) and golf (3km). Price per night: 1900 kr per person 1300 kr for seniors and handicapped1200 kr for electricity Hot water for shower: 500 kr (coins) per 5 minutesWashing machine/dryer: 500 kr (coins) *It is possible to get coins from campground guards Children 14 years and younger stay for FREE when accompanied by their supervisors. Without supervisors, the minimum age is 18 years. A few points to keep in mind: -On the camping site waste is recycled and we kindly ask visitors to do so during the stay.-Cats and dogs are allowed on the camping site, but only in leash.-It is possible to buy an adapter for trailers and camping vans. Campground telephone: +354 860 4714
Skagaströnd Camping Ground
The camp site is in a sheltered and quiet place facing the sun during the day. In the middle of the area there is a mound where an old farm used to be. The area is sheltered to the north and east by small cliffs called Hólaberg. In the service house there are toilets, washing machine and facilities to eat and do the dishes. Thera are also a lot of information for travellers such as two excellent pamphlets on walking paths on Spákonufellshöfða and the mountain Spákonufell. There is also a guest book that guests are asked to write their names in. Opening time May to september
Varmahlíð Camping Ground
Varmahlíð Campground is a peaceful and cozy campsite, located in a protected forest area on the southern slope of Reykjarhóll. A service house is available at the campsite with toilets, hot and cold water, a shower, and a washer and a dryer. Electricity is also available. A large trampoline for children is at the campsite. There is a short distance to many activities. There are two football fields next to the camp site and the swimming pool is within walking distance. The swimming pool is a divided outdoor pool, a lap pool and a warmer children's pool with water slides, hot tub, and sauna. Easy walking trails are around the forest and neighborhood, and for the more experienced you can hike up Mælifellshnjúkur, Tindastóll or Glóðafeykir. Museums, churches and places of historical interest and importance are located nearby, and for the more adventurous; horseback riding, horse shows, river rafting and paintball operators are within a walking distance. In Varmahlíð you will find all the practical services, including Tourist Information Centre, restaurant, supermarket, and a gas station.  The campsites in Sauðárkrókur, Hofsós, Varmahlíð and Hólar are in collaboration. It is possible to stay the first night at one of these camp sites and pay less during the next night at the other camp sites. It is necessary to provide a receipt from the first camp site. The campsite is open during the summer months from mid-May until mid-September.
Hlíð Travel Service
Hlid offers different kind of accommodation: Guesthouse / Hraunbrún: Sleeping bag accommodation in four beds rooms without private bathroom.  Shared well equipped kitchen, dining room, wc and showers. Small huts: Private huts - 6 huts, 5  9m2 each with two beds, facilites - wc and kitchen available 50m away.  Big huts-Apartments:  Summer houses - 50m2, sleeping 6 persons in 2 bedrooms and a sleeping attic, bathroom, kitchen and a livingroom with beautiful vista over the Mývatn area. Hotel rooms:  Guesthouse - 9 double rooms with private facilities. Small lounge for making tea and coffee all day. Camping place:  The Hlíð camping is conveniently located on the northern shore of lake Mývatn, by the village of Reykjahlid. It´s only 5 minutes walk from the Tourist info and supermarket. From the camping there is fantastic view over the lake and the lavafield. We offer good facilities for tents and trailers and electricity is accessible. Warm showers are free of charge for guests and laundry service is available as well. Hlid offers all kinds of entertainment, such as bike rental, playground for children and barbeque.  It´s perfect  to rent a bike for the day and ride around the lake. The distance is 37km, mostly flat road, with great views of the area, lake and birds. There is also the possibility of hiking in the area. There are many different trails, for short or longer walks. We provide you all necessary information for these hikes. There is an information center for tourists in the area that is well worth visiting. There is also a swimming pool, nature baths, golf course , cafés, restaurants and bars.  
Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre, Ásbyrgi
Gljúfrastofa is the Visitor and Information Centre for the Northern Territory of Vatnajökull National Park. The visitor centre also houses a souvenir shop. The interesting exhibition on geology and the nature of Jökulsárgljúfur canyon and its environs graphically informs guests about plate boundaries, volcanism, biospheres and habitats, the power of glacial floods, the formation of Ásbyrgi canyon, and the interaction of humans with the might of nature. Considered by many to be the country’s best exhibition on Icelandic nature, it interactively allows the visitor to feel, smell and try out the assorted objects. The Visitor Centre is a perfect starting point for those who plan to visit Jökulsárgljúfur and its surroundings. Interesting natural attractions within Jökulsárgjúfur are Ásbyrgi, Hljóðaklettar, Hólmatungur and Dettifoss. Opening hours 2023:Jan 16 - Apr: 11-15 Mon-FriMay: 10-16 dailyJun - Aug: 9-17 dailySept - Okt: 11-16 dailyNov - Dec15: 11-15 Mon-Fri  To visit our website, please click here .
Systragil Camping Ground
Systragil Camping Ground Welcome to our friendly, small campsite with cooking facilities and free wifi. We hope you enjoy the tranquility, the smell of birch and the clucks of the rock ptarmigan (lagopus muta). Tjaldsvæðið Systragil is located nearby Hróarsstaðir farm (Rjúpa Guesthouse) in the valley of Fnjóskadalur, 13 km from Akureyri by road 833. There are many hiking trails near Systragil, leading both through the wood and also up to a nearby hill called “Vaðlaheiði”. Tjaldsvæðið Systragil is perfectly located if you want to experience the natural wonders of North Iceland. Goðafoss ( the Waterfall of the heathen Gods, 25 km) is nearby, town of Akureyri  (13 km) and  Húsavík  (Whale watching 65 km) and Lake Mývatn (unique birdlife) where Dimmuborgir (volcanic craters)  and Mývatn Nature Baths are (60 - 75 km).

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