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How to get around North Iceland

Car rentals in North Iceland

There are plenty of car rentals all over the country. Some are part of an international chain and others are privately owned. Prices and quality may vary so it´s important to carefully examine all the possibilities.
Please note that there is one tunnel near Akureyri that is a toll tunnel. Please visit before you drive through them to pay the toll.

Direct flights to North Iceland

Direct Flights to North Iceland are available all year round. 

Public transportation

Buses go around the greater city area every day from early in the morning until late in the evening. The same bus company also has schelduled routes outside of the city. For frequent users, special bus cards are a good option but those who use the bus less frequently may want to purchase some bus tickets for a slight discount. You can also use this site and

Bike rentals North Iceland

Short and long term bicycle rentals as well as guided bicycle tours are available.

Ferries in North Iceland

Several ferries sail from the mainland to the local islands. The international ferrie Norræna also docs in Iceland, in Seyðisfjörður, which is in the east part of the country.

Domestic flights

Iceland has a few airlines, international ones as well as local. Flights can be booked through their websites or via telephone.