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Nature in North Iceland

Scenic nature

The magnificent nature of North Iceland leaves no one untouched. There you will find magnificent gorges such as Kolugljúfur and Jökulsárgljúfur, rocky sea stacks such as Hvítserk and Stórakarl, traces of volcanic eruptions in Mývatnssveit and places such as Ásbyrgi that were formed during a glacial eruption thousands of years ago.
The waterfalls are many such as the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, the historic Goðafoss, and the beautiful Aldeyjarfoss.
The mountains surround everything and mountaineers can find hiking trails that suit them, so everyone can enjoy the nature of North Iceland.

The highlands

Highland excursions taking you to Herðubreið the “Queen of Mountains”, Kverkfjöll or Hveravellir are extremely popular. Walking in the fresh mountain air or driving along unmade trails in super jeeps and other rough terrain vehicles is an amazing experience. In Arnarvatnsheiði, south of Húnaflói, trout fishing in the wild, lonely nature is a special enjoyment for the keen angler.

Family friendly

North Iceland is for the whole family. It can be challenging to travel with children of different ages, but in North Iceland, everyone should be able to find something to their liking in the beautiful and unspoild nature. 

Waterfalls in North Iceland

You will find many beautiful waterfalls in North Iceland. The most powerful waterfall in Europe, waterfall connected to Christianity in Iceland, and waterfalls framed with basaltic columns.    

National parks in North Iceland

National parks and protected areas, guarantee our and future generations the right to enjoy untouched nature.

Beaches in North Iceland

Playing on the beach is a lot of fun. There you can quite often find many interesting stones, old bones, driftwood, and if you're lucky you might come across a message in a bottle.

Mountains in North Iceland

The mountains in North Iceland are high and majestic. They are as diverse as they are many and can be enjoyed all year round. Tuyas, explosive craters, and millions of years of rock formations, certainly make their mark on the environment.

Islands in North Iceland

It is easy to access the islands around North Iceland and experience the easy-going lifestyle that characterizes them. 

Recreation areas North Iceland

North Iceland is an ideal place for all kinds of outdoor activities. Hiking and biking trails, small woodlands, streams and picnic benches, gorges and mountains. There is a lot of variety here and everyone should be able to have a great day in a pleasant environment.

Geothermal areas in North Iceland

Have you ever dreamt about walking around boiling mud pits, seeing the steam coming up from the ground, and hear the power coming from the center of the Earth? The tectonic plates run through Iceland and a visit to Lake Mývatn area and the highlands will give you a great experience. Don´t forget to breathe in the refreshing sulfur smell.