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Flights and charters

Icelandair operates domestic flights to Reykjavík airport, with multiple flights available daily.  Booking a single ticket for both international and domestic flights from Reykjavík airport is possible. Learn more:

Norlandair offers flights from Akureyri to domestic destinations such as Vopnafjörður, Þórshöfn, and Grímsey Island. The airline also offers flights to Greenland.
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Starting in October 2023, easyJet will fly directly to Akureyri from London Gatwick twice a week through March 2024. easyJet Holidays offers package deals with those flights as well. Learn more: 

In June 2024, Edelweiss Air will operate flights from Zurich to Akureyri. Offering eleven departures from June to August, the airline now offers more flights compared to the successful summer of 2023. The airline also flies to Keflavík, making it possible to combine flights from the two airports.
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Starting in February 2024, the Swiss travel agency Kontiki will offer direct charter flights to Akureyri from Zurich. This is the first winter that Kontiki offers these trips with a direct flight.
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Charter flights from the UK and Netherlands have been regularly offered in recent years. Voigt Travel, a Dutch travel agency, provides trips to North Iceland in both summer and winter.
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When you arrive in Akureyri, there are options for transfer from the airport.

The Akureyri Airport Bus is run by a local tour company Sýsli, and tickets can be booked before arrival. The bus drives you to your destination of choice in Akureyri. Click here to see more.

Geotravel offers transfer to accommodation options by Lake Mývatn. Click here for more information.

Are you Due North?



North Iceland is an all-year-round destination filled with energy, magic, and tranquillity. Local travel agencies and tour operators provide quality service, and vast accommodation options are available. Friendly locals make visitors feel welcome.

Explore geothermal areas, impressive waterfalls, canyons, and glacial rivers. Make sure you experience popular activities such as whale watching and bathing in various geothermal pools. In vibrant towns, you can taste local food in different restaurants and cafés after a day well spent out in pure and vast nature.

Enjoy the midnight sun in summer, and in winter, you have a 90% chance of seeing the northern lights during a five-night stay.

North Iceland is the leading winter destination for Icelanders. Try skiing from mountaintops down to the Atlantic Ocean, in designated ski areas, or by heliskiing. Hike on snowshoes to discover frozen waterfalls and visit exotic locations dogsledding, on snowmobiles, or in super jeeps.

Discover two magnificent tourist routes in North Iceland. On the Arctic Coast Way, travel between fishing towns and villages, going off the beaten path to discover some of the remotest areas in North Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle. On the Diamond Circle, you will be astounded by some of the rarest and most stunning sights and views of unearthly landscapes.

2024 schedule

Incentives and support for new routes

The Icelandic Route Development Fund supports new routes for Akureyri Airport. In addition, Isavia offers discounts on airport charges. Visit North Iceland, and North Iceland tourism companies also offer their support and cooperation in developing new routes for Akureyri Airport.


The Icelandic Development Fund (IRDF)

  • The IRDFoffers support for new routes to Akureyri International Airport for up to 3 year.
  • Applications require a minimum of a series of 6 flights on a new route.
  • IRDF operates in two divisions:
    • Route Division - offering incentives per arriving pax.
    • Marketing Division - supporting up to 50% of marketing costs
  • Click here for more information.

Visit North Iceland

  • Visit North Iceland offers support for press trips, FAM trips, participation in workshops and travel trade shows, as well as communication and co-operation with local authorities, North Iceland tourism companies and Promote Iceland.
  • North Iceland tourism companies offer support, including co-operation with airlines and travel agents, investment in development and marketing efforts.


Air 66N – Support and Marketing

Air 66N comprises a cluster of tourism companies and municipalities in North Iceland. The co-operation encourages and supports direct international flight connections to Akureyri International Airport. Air 66N works with local and national authorities to create incentives for flight operators and facilitate new routes for Akureyri Airport.

Air 66N was established by Visit North Iceland in 2011 and has from the start been seen as one of the most important projects of the region. Visit North Iceland is a tourism authority representing more than 250 companies and all of 16 municipalities in North Iceland.

A substantial route support scheme is currently offered to airlines and travel agencies that start to operate new routes to Akureyri Airport.

Technical information

Akureyri Airport has one runway 2,400 m long and 45 m wide, which can safely accommodate large airplanes. The Airport is controlled by highly qualified air traffic controllers (ATC). Akureyri Airport is open all year round and has excellent winter services.

In 2023, ongoing developments at Akureyri Airport will be completed, including a larger apron and a bigger terminal to better service international flights.

For more technical information, click here.


  • easyJet offers flights from Manchester to Akureyri in North Iceland

    The British airline easyJet announced today that it will offer flights from both London and Manchester to Akureyri next winter. The announcement follows a successful winter for easyJet, which offered flights from London to Akureyri for the first time. Flights will operate on Saturdays and Tuesdays from Manchester and London.
  • easyJet offers flights to Akureyri through February 2025

    British airline easyJet announced this morning its flight schedule for December 2024 to February 2025. In addition to October and November, which had previously been announced, trips to and from Akureyri are now possible during this period. The fligh…
  • Tourism unaffected by fourth eruption in four months

    A new fissure eruption started on the Reykjanes Peninsula by Hagafell and Stóra-Skógfell at 8:23 PM on March 16. This marks the fourth eruption in the area since December of 2023.
  • Akureyri International Airport expanded

    The first part of the expansion of Akureyri International Airport has now been completed. A new terminal for international flights was opened late in February, with passengers travelling with Voigt Travel and Transavia the first to arrive. The new building will have significant impact on the experience for travellers, with more room, improved baggage claim, bigger duty-free shop and more.