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Dining and Local Food in North Iceland

North Icelanders are known for being great gourmets, and their food customs and traditions have a long history. There are many restaurants in North Iceland where the main emphasis is on cooking varied dishes from fresh produce. The range of eating places is diverse and includes Oriental, Italian, international and purely Icelandic restaurants, as well as fast-food establishments of most types.


Restaurants in North Iceland are famed for their use of local ingredients. Everything from vegan to fish and lamb you should be able to find in the area. 


The local cafes oftenly produce their own cakes and breds, the coffe in Iceland is known to be of a high quality. Don't skip the cafe from the itinerary.


Great variety of different kinds of diners all around North Iceland. 

Farm food direct in North Iceland

Farm Food Direct tells you that you are in a place that serves, produces or sells products straight from a local farm.

Pubs and clubs

Have a drink at one of the local pubs or sit down in the hotel lobby, either way, a nice talk with interesting people and a good drink in hand, is always appreciated.   

Take away

If you don´t have time to dine out it is easy to pick up your food and enjoy the meal where it suits you better.