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There is no better way to travel through the country than with the locals. Discover the hidden gems, get that little extra memorable experience, listen to their stories, and learn the knowledge they pass on. The Icelandic sagas and the natural wonders are often showcased as one with natural beauty when travelling in North Iceland.

Day tours

Day tours can include various activities. Whatever the season, you’ll find tours that require a little physical exercise, such as skiing, snowmobiling, jet skiing, horseback riding, sleighing, biking, hiking, rowing, or diving. For those looking for a bit more comfort, hop on a boat, bus, super-jeep, airplane, helicopter, or even a snowcat and experience all the best that North Iceland offers.

Travel agency

Visiting a travel agency, online or off, can be helpful when planning a trip. Whether you are going to be part of group or travel on your own.

Bus tours

Buses operate all over the country. Some routes are driven year round but some roads are only open during the summer. Detailed maps of different routs are available at the tourist informatin centers as well as in certain other public areas. The flybus in Akureyri connects with all flights and you can book a ticket here  

Luxury tours

For those who prefer to be pampered, there are several options. Luxury accomodations can be found in most parts of the country as well as world class dining and health spas that will cater to the customer’s every whim. There is also the option of hiring a privite guide and driver.