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There are more than 100 churches in North Iceland, each one has its own charm and character and they are all certainly worth a closer look.
Christianity in Iceland can be traced back to the settlement and Icelanders officially became Christians in the year 1000. An episcopal see was founded at Hólar in Hjaltadalur valley in 1106. 
It’s an old custom when people get up in the morning to go outside, turn east and make the sign of the cross. This was called collecting the day. This is why churches have been built facing east since ancient times.

Akureyri Church
The Akureyri church is the symbol of Akureyri. It is a Lutheran church and was designed by the famous architect Gudjon Samuelsson and consecrated in 1940. The central stained-glass window above the altar formed apart of a set originating from England. The bas-reliefs on the nave balcony are by sculptor Asmundur Sveinsson and the baptismal font is a replica of a work by sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.  The church is above the town center.  Attention!Please note that the church is closedwhen funerals or other services are taking place and it is advertisedespecially on the church door. For more information check the website or send an email at 
Þingeyrakirkja church
Þingeyrar was, in past times, one of the most famous estates in Húnaþing and also the site of a church. Now, the Þingeyrakirkja church commands one of the widest and most beautiful panoramic views in the county. It is said that no estate was as big as or endowed with such elegant buildings as Þingeyrar, which is probably not surprising as it was home to chieftains and the elite for many centuries. Þingeyrakirkja church was built of stone and consecrated in 1877. Þingeyrar was also the site of the Iceland’s first monastery, founded in 1133.
Víðimýrarkirkja church
Víðimýrarkirkja church is one of the few preserved turf churches in Iceland.  At the beginning of the 20th century its fate was uncertain, but luckily the immense cultural value of the building was recognised in time, and the National Museum of Iceland became responsible for its renovation. The church was built in 1834 and has turf walls, but timber gables both back and front.
Blönduós church
The new church was consecrated in 1993 and there are items from the old church that adorn the new one. Ideas for the look are taken from the mountains and the landscape in the surroundings.
Þorgeirskirkja Church
Þorgeirskirkja by Ljósavatn was built in memory of the thousandth anniversary of the conversion to Christianity in Iceland. The church was ordained in August 2000 and guests are welcome to visit during the summer months.  
Húsavík Church
Húsavík Church was consecrated in 1907 and stands in the center of Húsavík. The tower of the church is 26 m high and it differs from other churches since there is no ordinary pulpit in it. The church is a magnificent wooden church and icon of the town.
Hólar Cathedral
Hólar Cathedral is the oldest stone church in Iceland, constructed in 1763. The church is built with red sandstone from the mountain Hólabyrða. A number of historically important items are on display at the church. The church tower is 27m long and stands beside the church. It was constructed on the 400-year anniversary of the death of the last Catholic Bishop of Iceland, Jón Arason.