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In North Iceland there are seven well-equipped and flood-lit ski resorts open from November to May, offering ski rental and ski schools for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an extreme skier you have got the right place. We also have excellent facilities for cross-country skiing, sport tours and extreme sport experiences. If you want to ski down to the Atlantic Ocean, ski in the northern lights and ski without any trees in your way, North Iceland is your place to visit.

The ski areas in North Iceland all occupy their own niche in the region’s magnificent landscape. They offer slopes and lifts suited to both children and adults, and the season can extend from Mid-November to May. Outside the organized ski areas, the possibilities for backcountry skiing are endless, with the Troll Peninsula being the centre of activity. The terrain looks as though it had been specially created for Alpine ski touring, Cat skiing and Heli-Skiing, all of which are activities currently on offer for the avid skier. Skiing on virgin slopes all the way down to the Arctic Ocean is what characterizes this skiers´ paradise where snow conditions remain favourable well into spring, the season lasting from mid February to the end of June. Facilities for cross-country skiers, with prepared trails, can be found in many locations and also some organized cross country and alpine ski touring trips. Winter in North Iceland offers a true family paradise, promising pleasure and spiritual renewal in the embrace of snow-covered mountains.

Ski Areas

Heli Skiing

Arctic Heli Skiing
Jökull Bergmann is the founder and lead guide of Arctic Heli Skiing. As Iceland'sfirst and only UIAGM-IFMGA certified mountain guide it is his and the entire team’spleasure to make your mountain adven…
Viking Heliskiing
 Founded in 2013, Viking Heliskiing is aheliskiing/heliboarding company that specialises in bringing the uniqueskiing/snowboarding experience possible while staying in Iceland.   Jóhann Hafsteinn Hauk…
Sóti Summits
Sóti Summits is a North Iceland travel agency, operated by Icelanders with a desire for adventure travel and inspired by the pristine nature of northern Iceland and the Troll Peninsula  We design our …

Ski Touring and Backcountry

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Top Mountaineering Hverfisgata 18 580 Siglufjörður 8984939
Amazing Mountains Hrannarbyggð 14 625 Ólafsfjörður 863-2406

Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years and today is one of the most popular winter sports in Iceland. The sport is suitable for everyone and in North Iceland you can find cross-country ski trails for all abilities. The trails can be flat and comfortable for beginners or longer and more challenging for advanced skiers. The trails are often opened much earlier than the slopes at the ski resorts because it does not require as much snow, which is certainly a great advantage. On a beautiful winter day, its refreshing to take few miles of cross-country skiing.

In North Iceland, it is easy to find cross-country ski trails. Almost all ski areas offer trails; Tindastól, Skarðsdalur by Siglufjörður, Ólafsfjörður, Dalvík, Akureyri, Húsavík and last but not least, Mývatnssveit. You can also find cross-country ski trails in other places, for example in Kjarnaskógur woodlands and along the hiking trail that leads to Hrafnagil. The environment around the trails is often magical with a great view.