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Tourist information centers

They can be found all over the country. Their staff provide information on the weather forecast, interesting places, help book events and much more. Maps and brochures are also available at these centers.

Fjallabyggð District Information Office - Ólafsfjörður
Ólafsfjörður Tourist Information Center is located in the Fjallabyggð Library.
Varmahlíð Regional Information Center
The Tourist Information Center for Skagafjörður is located in the wooden house with the traditional turf roof in Varmahlíð, next to the local store. We offer a wide variety of brochures/booklets for Skagafjörður and regional booklets for all Iceland. We do offer free Wifi for our guests and you have access to a computer. We share the house with the local Handcraft society, which offers beautiful local handcraft. Opening hours: May 1st – October 31st: open daily 10:00 – 17:00 (10am-5pm) November 1st – December 31st: open Wednesday – Friday 10:00 – 16:00 (10am-4pm)December & January: Closed February 1st - April 30th: open Wednesday – Friday 10:00 – 16:00 (10am-4pm)
Dalvík District Information Office
The Tourist Information Office in Dalvík is open as follows: Summer (June 1 - August 31):Weekdays:  10:00 - 17:00Saturdays: 12:00 - 17:00Sundays: Closed Winter:The information office is closed, but visitors are served at the library in the same building.
Fjallabyggð District Information Office - Siglufjörður
The information center is located in Fjallabyggd Library and Regional Archive.
Þórshöfn District Information Office
The Þórshöfn information center is located in the Verið sports hall. In addition to being able to access information in the information center, tourists can access a washing machine, dryer and internet connection.
Kaffi Klara - Cafe and Guesthouse
Welcome to Kaffi Klara, a friendly and family operated Cafe and Restaurant in North Iceland. We offer healthy and delicious dishes with focus on local food with an international twist. Our guests are both both local people who socialize at our cafe and enjoy our events, as well as travelers who are discovering the North Iceland area and are following the Arctic Coast Way.  We welcome groups for a light snack or full course dinner but please book in advance though. We also offer cooking and tasting events “Arctic Coast Tastes” for groups from 4-12 persons.Come and discover how to cook traditional Icelandic dishes with local ingredients from the Arctic Coast Way in Iceland. Join us in an adventurous cultural food event in our kitchen in the small village of Ólafsjförður in the North of Iceland. You can contact us to get more information. Our very own guesthouse upstairs has comfortable rooms in different sizes and is bookable online with breakfast included. We look forward to seeing you in Ólafsfjörður in North Iceland.
Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre, Ásbyrgi
Gljúfrastofa is the Visitor and Information Centre for the Northern Territory of Vatnajökull National Park. The visitor centre also houses a souvenir shop. The interesting exhibition on geology and the nature of Jökulsárgljúfur canyon and its environs graphically informs guests about plate boundaries, volcanism, biospheres and habitats, the power of glacial floods, the formation of Ásbyrgi canyon, and the interaction of humans with the might of nature. Considered by many to be the country’s best exhibition on Icelandic nature, it interactively allows the visitor to feel, smell and try out the assorted objects. The Visitor Centre is a perfect starting point for those who plan to visit Jökulsárgljúfur and its surroundings. Interesting natural attractions within Jökulsárgjúfur are Ásbyrgi, Hljóðaklettar, Hólmatungur and Dettifoss. Opening hours 2023:Jan 16 - Apr: 11-15 Mon-FriMay: 10-16 dailyJun - Aug: 9-17 dailySept - Okt: 11-16 dailyNov - Dec15: 11-15 Mon-Fri  To visit our website, please click here .
The Icelandic Seal Center
The Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi is a research and exhibition center investigating and detailing the lives of seals found in and around Iceland and also the Tourist Information Center for Húnaþing-vestra, Iceland's number one seal and wildlife watching destination.In the center you will learn about the different species of seals found along the shores of Iceland, their lives and habits and how to distinguish them apart from one another when you are out on a self or guided seal watching tour. You will also find information on the wildlife of the area, including the notorious Arctic Fox, Eider Duck, famous Puffins, Whales and the abundant sea and inland bird life of the area.You can watch our scientists at work in our lab, learn about the research that is being done on seals and even help us by collecting data on your travels around the area!Finally in our "Seal Cinema" you can watch a documentary on the seals found in Iceland and specifaclly in the area around The Icelandic Seal CenterFrom the Tourist Information Center you will be advised of the best ways and locations to see seals and other wildlife in their natural environment around the beautiful Vatnsnes peninsula and Húnaþing-vestra, as well as information on the other amazing sights, including the famous 15m giant troll Hvítserkur, turned to stone just meters from the coast, the beautiful Kólafossar waterfalls and canyon and Bjarg the birth and burial place of Grettir The Strong, strongest of all the vikings! You will also find details of all the hiking, riding and horse trails in the region and the plentiful accommodations where you can spend the night.   
Mývatn offers a unique natural environment. With large contrasts and small distances you can experience the most and the best that Iceland has to offer.Welcome to Mývatn, don's miss the Yule Lads in Dimmuborgir when you drop in.
Akureyri Regional Information Center
The Tourist Information Bureau in Akureyri is located close to the town center in HOF Cultural and Conference Center. The Tourist Office´s friendly employees provide information, tips and details that are useful during your stay in Akureyri and surrounding areas. There is free access to a computer with internet access. Opening hours 2023   Open every day in April and May from 10am-3pm.Open every day in June, July and August from 8am-4pm.Open every day in September from 10am-3pm.  

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Public transport information - 101 Reykjavík 864-2776
Sauðárkrókur Tourist Information Center Aðalgata 21 550 Sauðárkrókur 588-1238
Vitinn, Hóras ehf. Oddeyrarbryggju 600 Akureyri 461-7771