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Eyjafjarðarsveit has been referred to by tourists as the countryside of Akureyri, the place you can view the wonders of Icelandic agriculture. The river of Eyjafjörður runs through it and adds it´s picturesque character to almost everywhere you look while nurturing the land and making it one of the most fertile countryside in Iceland. Cows, horses and the Icelandic sheep along with other mammals can be spotted along the road while bird viewers can enjoy a variety of birds at the islets of the rivers, just on the doorsteps of Akureyri.  

Several trails can be enjoyed in Eyjafjarðarsveit and among the many favourites is the newly paved hike- and bike trail between Akureyri and the friendly neighbourhood of Hrafnagil. It’s a trail where people can hike, bike or jog in the beautiful and romantic scenery of the river. By Akureyri airport you can hike the nice scenery of the islets while the mountains embrace you when you reach further into the valley.

The small town of Hrafnagil in Eyjafjarðarsveit offers a family friendly geothermal pool and an outdoor play area for the kids along with a great camping side. When exploring Eyjafjarðarsveit, you will find a great selection of places to stay, to dine and things to do. You will enjoy local food and be able to relax in the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside while embracing the local culture. The largest crafts festival in Iceland, Handverkshátíð, is held in Hrafnagil and will offer you the chance to experience amazing culture and handcraft.

GPS Points N65° 34' 28.580" W18° 5' 22.084"
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  • Uppsalir 1
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 894-6076, 777-8201
Icelandic Hunting Adventures
Travel Agency
  • Brúnahlíð 5
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 896-8404
Dyngjan - listhús
  • Fíflbrekka
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 899-8770
Kátur riding tours
Horse Activities
  • Kaupvangsbakkar, Eyjafjarðarsveit
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 846-7049


  • Uppsalir 1
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 894-6076, 777-8201
Hafdals Hotel
  • Stekkjarlækur
  • 601 Akureyri
  • 898-8347


  • Holtsel
  • 605 Akureyri
  • 463-1159
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Society and the economy have many faces. Whereas agriculture is the mainstay of rural areas, the towns depend upon fishing, industry, trade and a range of services, with each village having its own characteristics though they all prove hospitable hosts. 
The availability of food and accommodation and the possibilities at every location for recreation and entertainment make hopping between the villages informative as well as fun.   
In every case, the residents are lively and ready to celebrate.

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