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Jörundarfell from the south

Parking facilities and road no. leading to the walking route.
Park on the gravel parking lot next to the gate. Located between Másstaðir and Hjallaland. If this route is taken there and back it is better to park closer to Hjallaland and walk from there.

Toilets, garbage disposal and drinking water facilities
N/A. Drinking water can be collected on the lower part of the route.

Notes on the walking route
It is imperative to cross canyons in the right places. The route is not suitable for those with a fear of heights. The lower part of the route is grassy, but the rest is tussock and gravel. Parts of the route are quite steep with loose gravel and rocks. Take great caution. The final part of the route is mainly loose rocks.

Please do not walk outside of marked paths and show consideration for flora and fauna