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- An unique experience

Árskógssandur in Dalvikurbyggd is a village placed by the coast and is the crossing point to Hrísey island, by the ferry Sævar.

At Árskógssandur you will find the local brewery Bruggsmiðjan. There you can have a tour where you'll see how the beer product Kaldi is made and the story behind the company. At Árskógssandur you will also find the Beerbaths, that are unique in Iceland. At the Beerbaths you can either bathe in beer or in the outside hot tubs that have an amazing view over the Tröllaskagi peninsula and over the Eyjafordur fjord. There you will also find a very good and popular restaurant with a great selection of different dishes. We especially recommend the popular burger, Kaldaborgari.

The proximity with nature is high and there are a lot of different hiking routes suitable for everyone and everybody can find something to their liking.

Take a trip to Árskógssandur. There you will get to experience the stillness, safety, and a spectacular view.

Árskógssandur is spectacular every season.

The Beer Spa

The Beer Spa

You lie in a bathtub for 25 mintues, filled with beer, water, hops and yeast. After that you go into a relaxation room for another 25 minutes. Beer ye
Hrísey Ferry Sævar

Hrísey Ferry Sævar

From Hrísey                        From Árskógssandur         07.00                                             07.20                09.00            
Hotel Kaldi

Hotel Kaldi

Hotel Kaldi is a small and cozy hotel located in Árskógssandur. We offer 5 standard rooms that have a private bathroom, flat screen TV, desk and a cof

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Bruggsmiðjan Öldugata 22 621 Dalvík 861-3007
L&L Bed&Breakfast Árbakki 621 Dalvík 852-7063
Sky Sighting Iglúhús Árbakki 621 Dalvík 852-7063