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In this area, it is fun to drive to Víðidalur Valley and see Kolugil canyon, which stands by Víðidalsá. The river flows peacefully into a magnificent gorge called Kolugljúfur, where there are waterfalls named after the troll Kola and called Kolufossar waterfalls. Walking out onto the viewing platform by the canyon and seeing the peaceful river rushing forward in such magnificent waterfalls is awe-inspiring. In Víðidalur, you can also go horseback riding and visit the farm animals at Stóra-Ásgeirsá.

We continue and recommend stopping at Þrístapar, where the last execution in Iceland took place. It's a short walk to where Agnes and Friðrik were beheaded in 1830, and much construction has occurred at Þrístapar.

Drive to Þingeyrar and see the beautiful Þingeyrar church, built of stones and consecrated in 1877. Þingeyrar is remarkable because Iceland's first monastery was founded there in 1133.

Vatnsdalshólar are a cluster of hills of all sizes across the mouth of Vatnsdalur valley. Thought to have been formed by a catastrophic landslide. These hills are considered one of the three "innumerable" things in Iceland, along with the lakes in Arnarvatnsheiði and the islands on Breiðarfjörður in the west.

We recommend driving around Vatnsdalur Valley and along the famous salmon fishing river, Vatnsdalsá. In the middle of the valley is a bottomless, peculiar small pond called Kattarauga. It has two floating islands and is a protected nature reserve. There is a guesthouse in Vatnsdalur, and you should take your time exploring this beautiful area rich in history and culture.

When you return to the main road, the trip continues to Blönduós town.
There you can find various activities suitable for the whole family; a magnificent swimming pool, outdoor playground, fishing in rivers and lakes, walking around the old town, playing on the beach, walking in the Hrútey nature reserve and much more. The Textile Museum is one of the region's main attractions, but you can find part of the nation's industrial history there.
In Blönduós, you can find a variety of accommodation options as well as restaurants.

Þingeyrakirkja church
The Textile Museum
Spákonufellshöfði Headland

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Blönduós is the most populated town by Húnaflói and is located by Road nr. 1. Through the town, runs one of the country's glacial rivers, Blanda and i


At Skagaströnd you will find the natural beauty of varied landscapes and vegetation everywhere you look. You will witness the grandeur of Spákonufell