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It is not so easy to obtain enough vitamins from the traditional Icelandic diet. But berries and rhubarb are best sources. Rhubarb grows in everyone’s garden and in late summer and autumn people flock to pick blueberries either to eat them fresh right away or to keep them frozen for winter storage, or as jams or stewed fruits. Even the lamb leg can be marinated in blueberries in autumn. The wild blueberries are smaller than the cultivated version and three different varieties grow wild. Rhubarb jam has a long tradition; it is boiled with a lot of sugar until it turns into a dark brown creamy liquid. Different berries are also cultivated in gardens and greenhouses.

In Icelandic

blueberries / bláber
crowberries / krækiber
strawberries / jarðarber
rhubarb / rabarbari
blueberry jam / bláberjasulta
rhubarb jam / rabarbarasulta