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It sounds simple, but water might be the best special drink to be enjoyed in Iceland. We believe self-confidently that it is the best water in the world – try it and form your own opinion. It is for free even in restaurants and you can drink it from the tap! This pure and clean water is also the main ingredient of our beer. Here in North Iceland we take pride in the numbers of craft beer breweries and in fact the oldest brewery in the country is located in Eyjafjörður, in the small village Árskógssandur. In 1989, after the prohibition was lifted and beer legalized, it became Iceland’s most popular alcoholic beverage.
Our fish oil is not an ingredient we cook with, but, nevertheless, it has an important role in our diet as it delivers the important Vitamin D – crucial in the dark season when sunlight is missing. Remember to try this real Icelandic way of being good to your body!

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