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Vegetables have a hard life in Iceland. Cold temperatures and short summer growing seasons are a challenge to plants trying to grow and ripen. But those few which can manage it are rich in intensive taste! Potatoes are the most common side dish and were in earlier days among the few fresh vegetables on the plate beside cabbage, turnips and carrots. In their golden or red harvesting hues, we love our little potatoes, making up small energy packages that we call “smælki”. When a fresh harvest becomes available in late summer it is a prominent news item. More and more varieties of vegetables, salads and herbs now enjoy a cosy life in the comfort of geothermally heated greenhouses all year round.

In Icelandic

potatoes / kartöflur og smælki
carrots / gulrætur
turnips / rófur
beetroot / rauðrófur
cabbage / hvítkál

tomatoes / tómatar
cucumber / agúrka
salad / salat
peppers / papríka
mushrooms / sveppir
cauliflower / blómkál