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The Yule Lads at Dimmuborgir Lake Mývatn area

13 Yule Lads live in Iceland

13 Yule Lads live in Iceland, the sons of the old trolls Grýla and Leppalúði. Grýla and Leppalúði keep a pet, a wicked cat, which may sometimes catch children. Grýla, who is big and formidable, was said to collect the naughty children in a sack and take them home to eat for Christmas dinner. If a child is naughty, Grýla finds out immediately. Grýla can´t lay her hands on good children.

Information regarding seismic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula

Scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office have been observing increased seismic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula that started on October 24th. There are strong indicators of a looming eruption in an area close to the town of Grindavík.

easyJet lands in Akureyri for the first time

History was made today in Akureyri, North Iceland when easyJet completed its inaugural flight from London Gatwick.

International connection between Akureyri and Keflavik Airport

Icelandair has started to offer an international connection between Akureyri Airport in North Iceland and the Company’s Keflavik international hub.

Edelweiss's maiden flight bathed in the Midnight Sun

It was a beautiful summer evening as the maiden flight of Edelweiss between Zurich and North Iceland landed in Akureyri. The flight was the first in a series over a seven-week period as the airline looks to extend the period for 2024 in addition to scheduled flights to Keflavík airport.

Connect with Akureyri from far and wide

Icelandair is now offering direct flights between Keflavík International Airport and Akureyri, which makes the connection from an international flight with Icelandair much easier using a single ticket. The flights are available from October 25th and November 30th, 2023.

easyJet announces direct flights from London to Akureyri

The UK’s largest airline easyJet has announced it will be launching nine new routes from the UK from next winter, including flights to Akureyri in North Iceland, for the very first time.

Kontiki offers winter trips with direct flights from Zurich to Akureyri

The Swiss travel agency Kontiki, is now offering travel packages to North Iceland in February and March 2024. These trips will include direct flights from Zurich to Akureyri.

Mannamót - Natural Iceland Tourism Workshop

Mannamót - Natural Iceland Tourism Workshop will be held on Thursday, January 19th, 2023. Mannamót is an annual event taking place in Kópavogur, hosted by six marketing offices around Iceland, Eagle Air airline, and Isavia the Icelandic airport operator.

Edelweiss Air offers flights to Akureyri from Zurich

Edelweiss Air, the leading leisure airline in Switzerland, now offers direct flights to Akureyri from Zurich.

Destination management plan has been published

For the first time, a summary of the Destination management plan has been published in English.

HIP Festival Mini

Hvammstangi International Puppet Festival is a puppet festival hosted in Hvammstangi, a small village in Northwest Iceland, which celebrates live action contemporary puppetry in theatre and film.