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Is this North?

June 6 - September 15

Price description

ISK 2.000

What are the boundaries and delimitations of what we call the North? Where do the borders of the Arctic lie and what characterizes those that live there? Do they share a universal experience amidst a diversity of cultural differences? In the group exhibition Is this North? artists from the expansive north delve into these questions.

The artists whose work is presented in this exhibition come from the Sami regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, Alaska and Canada.

Exhibiting artists include Gunnar Jónsson, Anders Sunna, Máret Ánne Sara, Inuuteq Storch, Nicholas Galanin, Dunya Zakharova, Marja Helander, and Maureen Gruben.

Curators: Daría Sól Andrews and Hlynur Hallsson.

GPS points

N65° 40' 49.442" W18° 5' 31.152"