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The Great Fish Day

August 12

All you can eat - for free !

The Great Fish Day - everybody is invited to a sea food buffet – nobody has to pay

The Great Fish day is an annual festival in Dalvíkurbyggð held the first or the second Saturday in August. Fish producers and other members of the society invite guests to a sea food buffet between 11:00 and 17:00 at the harbour in Dalvík. The reason for this generous offer is to get as many people as possible together to taste fish and enjoy a good day in Dalvík.

The entertainment is diverse, for example a fish exhibition where multiple fish species are on show, cruise at the fjord, art shows, street theatre and music of all kinds is on the stage throughout the day. Every year new entertainments take place. Dalvíkurbyggð is a community of 2100 people in North Iceland , 45 km. north of Akureyri, the capital of the North. Fishing, fish processing and other industries related to the sea are an important factor of the economy among other kind of industry and service. The environment is beautiful and the mountains are spectacular.

There are many interesting things to observe in Dalvíkurbyggð such as Hvoll folk museum where one can learn about Jóhann Svarfdælingur, once believed to be the tallest men on earth, 2,34 meters high. There are many other possibilities for recreation such as canoeing, whale watching, angling, golf and horse riding. The swimming pool of Dalvík is also a friendly place, with a swimming pool, hot tubs, steam bath and water slid just waiting for you to come and relax after a busy day. For further information about recreation and hospitality, please visit the website

GPS points

N65° 58' 14.521" W18° 31' 57.693"