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walk over Raudskord, into að walley called Vikurdalur and Hédinsfjord, sailing back to Ólafsfjord

August 1 at 10:00-15:30

Price description

The hike is 3.500 kr. and the sailing trip 1.500

Arrival at 10.00 in the ÚÍÓ house in Ólafsfirdi, We drive to Kleifar where the walk begins. 

walk up the Ytriárdal og to the highest pont Raudskord 560 m, then down to að walley called Vikurdalur and Hédinsfjordur, then we are sailing back to Ólafsfjord be zodiac boats. 10 km walk and takes about 4-5 hours, the sailing takes about 40 mín.