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Winter has arrived and North Iceland is a winter wonderland. Travelers can expect snowy mountain roads so please monitor the weather forecast closely as conditions can change rapidly. 


Temp -1°C / 30.2F

Average high 3°C / 37.4F

Average low -4°C / 24.8F

Precipitation 54mm/day

Snow days 11

Daylight hours 6

What to expect

In November, warm and waterproof winter clothing is necessary. Daylight is sparse and travelers should consider that when planning their days. The chances of catching a glimpse of the Northern lights are good.

What to pack? 

  • Insulated jacket
  • Warm layers (wool sweater, down/primaloft jacket, warm socks etc.)
  • Ice cleats/ice grips/anti-slip soles (even if you are only staying in town)
  • Fleece jacket/lightweight wool sweater
  • Rainproof/windproof jacket and pants
  • Sturdy walking shoes with a good tread/grip
  • Sunglasses (during spring/summer it’s bright 24/7 and during winter the sun rises low and reflects from the snow, if there is any).
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hat (toque/beanie)
  • Thermal underwear (specifically for highland travel/activities)
  • Waterproof hiking boots (specifically for highland travel/activities)
  • Warm socks (specifically for winter and highland travel/activities)
  • Swimsuit
  • Quick-dry towel (for visiting pools and hot springs - towels are available for rent at swimming facilities)


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