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Borðeyri is one of Iceland's smallest villages and is found on the western side of Hrútafjörður fjord. The village is mentioned in historical texts and was for a long time an important trading center for the surrounding communities. Today the village comprises of a elementary school, garage and the guesthouse Tangahús. One of the oldest buildings in the region is found in Borðeyri, Riis Hús, which was built in 1862. The building itself has been renovated to its original glory and plays an important role in the character of the village. Borðeyri became part of the Húnaþing vestra region in 2012 when the region merged with municipality of Bæjarhreppur.

Highlights in Borðeyri

Seal Watching
Local Museum

Other (2)

Bordeyri Camping site Borðeyri 500 Staður 849-7891
Guesthouse Tangahus Bordeyri Borðeyri 500 Staður 849-9852