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From Ásbyrgi, it is a short drive to Kópasker village. Enjoy the view, stop on the way and stroll down to the beach to breathe in the fresh air.

Kópasker has a guesthouse, Snartastaðir heritage museum and a small shop. An easy walk to the Kópasker lighthouse, where you can sometimes see seals. When you drive the Melrakkaslétta plain, many deserted farms are characteristic of the plain. North of Kópasker are beautiful natural gems such as Snartastaðanúpur, Hestfall and the rocks at Hvalvík.

Hraunhafnartangi is the northernmost point of Iceland, at the edge of the Arctic Circle. It's an easy walk to the lighthouse at Hraunhafnartangi, and standing on the northernmost tip of mainland Iceland is fun.

On the east coast of the Melrakkaslétta plain is Raufarhöfn, the northernmost of all the villages in Iceland. Nowhere in Iceland does the summer night get brighter or the winter day darker. Raufarhöfn has all the basic services, campsites, hotels, guesthouses, and cafes. There is unique natural beauty in the spring and summer evenings and various birdlife. On the axis above the village is The Arctic Henge, Iceland's largest outdoor work of art, which intertwines Icelandic culture, literary history and classical science with unique natural conditions.

In Þórshöfn, fishing and fish processing have been the main industry throughout history. That's why it's so much fun to stroll down to the harbour.
There are guesthouses in Þórshöfn, in the vicinity and in the Langanes peninsula.

Þórshöfn is the entrance to the adventure world of Langanes, an ideal place to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Langanes stretches almost 40 km into the sea.
Sauðanes is an ancient church site, manor house and cultural centre 7 km north of Þórshöfn.
Skoruvíkurbjarg cliffs is home to the largest osprey in North Iceland, and many other bird species also nest there.
Skálar was a village in Langanes where for a time, there was a thriving fishing community. You can still see the foundations of many houses, an old pier and various other relics.

The Melrakkaslétta plain and the Langanes peninsula are great places for those who want to get some peace and quiet and experience nature and a variety of birdlife.

Continue the trip and drive over to Bakkafjörður village. It's fun to see the old harbour and the life around the new one, which is not far from the village. A fun hiking trail leads out to Steintún and on to the lighthouse at Digranes.

There is a guesthouse and a restaurant in Bakkafjörður.

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Kópasker is a friendly village on the eastern shore of Öxarfjörður bay. A legal trading post was established here in 1880, and a village started slowl


Raufarhöfn is the northernmost town on the Icelandic mainland, nestled on the eastern shore of Melrakkaslétta peninsula. Named after its natural harbo


The heart of Þórshöfn beats with the waves, and fishing and fish processing have been the town's main form of occupation throughout the years. Therefo


Life in Bakkafjörður revolves mostly around the fish in the sea and the right to survive by catching it.