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Blog from North Iceland

●	Inspired by Iceland invites visitors to take ‘The Icelandic Pledge’, a unique ‘oath’ for tourists,…

Iceland leads the way on responsible tourism with unique Tourist Pledge

Iceland has announced a new initiative to positively affect visitor behavior and promote a happy and meaningful travel experience by launching a first-of-a-kind pledge for visitors.
From the first meeting of the new steering committee for the Arctic Coast Way

Second phase of the Arctic Coast Way project has started

The steering committee for the Arctic Coast Way has grown larger, from 7 members to 17 members. The second phase of the project has now started, following successful applications for further funding. The committee now represents the whole area of the Arctic Coast Way and combines a broad range of working fields.
Beer and Geothermal Hot Water

The Beer Spa is now open

The official opening of the Beer Spa at Árskógssandur was on 1st of June. Preparations have been going on for a while and the construction of the spa went according to plan this last winter. It‘s safe to say that people have been anxious to finally see the spa in action, as a big crowd gathered at the spa for the opening.
Ambassador offers trips to Hrísey

Ambassador offers trips to Hrísey

Ambassador Whale Watching now offers special trips to Hrísey, called „The Pearl – Hrisey Island.“ Bookings are now available on their website, and the company sails out to Hrísey four times a week. Another similar trip to Grímsey is available three times a week. Visitors are taken aboard the Arctic Circle and the boat leaves at 18:00 pm from Torfnuesbryggja in downtown Akureyri. Estimated arrival back to Akureyri is at around 22:30 pm.
Beer tours in North Iceland

Beer Tours at the Heart of Beer Craftsmanship

The development of microbreweries has been remarkable over the past ten years, ever since the Kaldi Brewery at Árskógssandur opened the first independent craft brewery in Iceland. Following this, two more have opened around the Troll Peninsula; Gæðingur in the Skagafjordur region, and Segull 67 in the town of Siglufjordur. These were joined by the established Viking brewery in Akureyri, who began production of their Einstök beer range, in addition to their other well known Viking beers.
Iceland Airwaves Akureyri - North Iceland

Iceland Airwaves in Akureyri in 2017 !!!

We have announced that in addition to Reykjavik, the festival will also take place in Akureyri next year. This is in cooperation with our founding sponsor Icelandair and Air Iceland. The plan is to have 2-3 official venues in Akureyri and around 20-26 artists performing, both international and Icelandic. There will also be off-venue shows at selected venues in town.


Mannamót – Natural Iceland Tourism Workshop is held on Thursday January 19sth 2017. Mannamót is an annual event taking place in Reykjavík at Eagle Air Headquarters (behind Reykjavík Natura Hotel) See map by clicking here. The event is hosted by six marketing offices around Iceland.

May I camp anywhere?

There are various things to keep in mind if you are planning to camp or spend the night outside organised campsites. In November 2015, new conservation legislation came into effect making changes to where it is permissible to camp. For instance, it is now illegal to spend the night in tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper vans or similar outside organised campsites or urban areas unless the land owner or rightholder has given their permission. Otherwise, the law lays down the following rules for camping:

North Iceland Official Tourist Guide 2016-2017 is here.

See the new North Iceland Official Tourist Guide 2016-2017 here. Listed in the brochure are companies that have possess all permits to run a tourism company in Iceland. The Guide offers a you the opportunity to view all of North Iceland's tourism companies in one place. If you can't find in the book you will find it here on the web #northiceland
Trapped in Siglufjörður

Sigló vill keep you captive: At the scene of TRAPPED

This weekend the UK sees the finale of TRAPPED the Icelandic crime show that has taken viewers by storm. Set in a remote town in Iceland, the show was actually shot mostly in the town of Siglufjörður on the northern coast of Iceland. Insider tells us that the cast and crew endured heavy snow and gusty winds for weeks on end but exactly those weather conditions were detrimental for the shows dark and mysterious settings.