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HIP Fest Mini

October 7 - 9

Hvammstangi International Puppet Festival is a puppet festival hosted in Hvammstangi, a small village in Northwest Iceland, which celebrates live action contemporary puppetry in theatre and film. We actively promote rural artists and the rural artistic lifestyle, sharing the best puppetry the world has to offer with an audience that revels in welcoming them. We strive to be exacting in artistic quality, supportive of community and artists, and inquisitive in nature.

HIP is social. It lives in the present and shapes the future. It is a place for artistic gathering, to share skills, joy, food, art, and fun. It is anacreontic. HIP is a respite from the hectic, an opportunity to revel in the thunderous silence of

The festival is held annually on the second weekend in October, following the largest horse and sheep round ups in the region. We are happy to announce the next festival is scheduled to take place 7. - 9. October 2022. This year we are changing the format slightly and will be presenting HIP Fest MINI - a smaller and more intimate programme with a focus on networking, meeting friends old and new, and sharing what makes our hearts and minds sing. From now on we will alternate HIP and HIP MINI years to keep a balanced programme that holds artistic connections at its core.

We cannot wait to welcome you to our small corner of the world. The full programme will be announced and tickets will go on sale in August.

Big love to you all & long live puppetry!