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Mývatn winter festival

March 4 - 13

The Mývatn Winter Festival is a one-of-a-kind event in Iceland. People compete in multiple non-traditional winter sports, mostly on frozen Lake Mývatn. Those competitions include Mývatn Open - Horses on Ice, the national competition of Dog Sledding and the "Sled of Mývatn" - where teams bring a homemade sledge to the track. Snocross is also a popular winter sport in Iceland. Still, it hasn't been very visible for the past years, that is about to be changed! The weekend of March 4th-13th, 2022, will be full of events and activities for the whole family. Learn how to fish through the ice, go cross-country skiing, try out one of the tracks yourself, visit the snow dogs and enjoy good food and good music.


See you at Mývatn Winter Festival in 2022.

GPS points

N65° 36' 13.896" W16° 59' 45.980"